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  • Egypt

    Hi Cotters

    Anyone been to Egypt who can share their experiences here?

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    i've been to egypt before, but that was more than 10 years ago when I was still in uni. I guess the places of interest wouldn't have changed that much considering that they are so old already!

    It is an AWESOME place to visit. I went with a girlfriend, and we flew there ourselves, then joined a 5 day tour that included visits to the Sakkara (the stepped pyramid), Memphis, an ancient centre, pyramids at giza, the sphinx, a train ride to Luxor, a luxury cruise down the Nile to Aswan with stops at all the important sites along the way, then a plane ride back to Cairo (on a propeller plane!) over the amazing dessert. The ancient sites are unbelievable. They are in excellent condition (say compared with greek ruins which are so much newer!) and in some you can even still see the original colours from 4000 years ago.

    After that we had a couple of days to wander by ourselves. Cairo's museum is incredible and takes the better part of a day to explore. shopping at the khan-el-khalili bazaar is amazing, especially for gold, silver, perfume, perfume bottles, and there were other bazaars specialising in cotton (egyptian cotton really is soft and strong - i wear the tourist t-shirts i bought from that trip to sleep and they are still in good shape, collar and all, today!). The food was fabulous as well - we at by the street and didn't have any tummy problems, thanks to our singaporeans stomachs. Our american and british friends weren't so lucky tho!

    The culture shock things for me were the scary traffic - they totally ignore traffic signals, the noise, the pollution (if you go to the mosque at old cairo and look down on the city, you see nothing but smog). oh, and i had long hair then and all the women and kids kept wanting to touch it. And we were there in May / June, when it was unbearably hot (40+ degrees) and dry.

    by the way, i think egyptian men and totally hot! Olive skin, green eyes, and they really know how to turn on the charm!

    I want to go back sometime soon with my husband, i know he will love it too. I would say it should be on everyone's list of MUST VISIT IN YOUR LIFETIME places.


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      gajahgirl, you make me want to visit egypt right now!

      I've told myself to visit that place at least once in my life because I've heard so much about it, the mysterious-ness and all.

      In your opinion, do you think it's a safe place to go there alone? How long is the flight from Singapore to Egypt?



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        erm, definitely not a place to go alone. a lot of them don't speak/understand english and it's v hard getting around with no understanding of the language.

        yep, the traffic is pure MADNESS!!! and i thought China was bad.

        the pyramids were....ummm....a lot smaller than expected. the sphinx especially. but the engineering and architecture has to be seem to be believed.

        i only went to cairo so i can't say much about the other places. but i've heard that Luxor and Alexandria is quite nice. the museum was a bit creepy. so many mummies!!!!


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          Hi gajahgal

          U make me drool further. More determined to go.

          I too think that we shld go there at least once in our lifetime as its 1 of the seven wonders of the world? Right to say so?

          How do you tahan the so hot weather?

          Hi Maggot

          U can try going with travle agencies. Safer this way. They have group departures for min. 10 days from $1988......

          Normally is flying by Qatar Air it will takes abt 14 hours inclusive of transit at Doha.

          Interested? Maybe we can go together. Hheheheh........


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            Thanks for the info.

            I'll probably make plans for it only when i have the cash cos i'm only 16..must save up first.

            Actually, I think it is an amazing place to visit with your significant other. Fun aside, the long travelling time will make you want a companion!


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              I also leeming to go egypt. Any1 interested ? KeKe..Maybe we can go together ? HeHe


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                Hi icy zhen

                When is your plan to go? Have you found out which agency that you want ti follow?

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                  what kind of clothings we need to pack there??
                  are they very conservative that we can only wear long sleeves shirts and long pants?? :eh:


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                    i joined SA Tours. 10 days for $2188 in Nov 04.
                    go in nov - mar which is their winter season. mild winter but must bring jacket as can get quite windy.
                    beyond mar, it will be too hot.

                    we spent 4 nights on a cruise, cruusig down the Nile..stopping every morning and afternoon for visits. Civilization is along the Nile, so are all the attractions. Then we took a domestic flight to Cairo and spent 4 nights in Cairo. Also went to Alexandria for a day trip within that 4's 3 hr drive Cairo.

                    really good place to visit as there is so much history.
                    forget abt shopping as not much to buy, imho.
                    but so much to see

                    really well worth a visit.


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                      Originally posted by happygal
                      what kind of clothings we need to pack there??
                      are they very conservative that we can only wear long sleeves shirts and long pants?? :eh:
                      well, the men (and women!) tended to stare at unfamiliar asian faces. when we went to the bazaar, people of both sexes were openly staring and some sidled up to 'touch' us.
                      luckily i was wearing long sleeved but some of my friends wearing spag strap tops were more freaked out.

                      reckon just show less skin. they are not prudish conservative but they will look at yards of bare skin.
                      to be safe, i think as long as you keep to short-long sleeved tops you shld be ok. berms, capris, 3/4 pants shld do if you don't wanna wear long pants in the heat.

                      the heat IS v v hot (i went in late may) so best off wearing l/s sheer cotton tops i reckon.

                      just my experience the past few times.


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                        Anyone planning to go to Egypt next year? I am planning to go there.


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                          Just wanna to bring back this thread cos I would be going with SO to Egypt this coming April. Any useful contributions or exciting experiences to share?


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                            Alexandria was bone chilling cold when I walked out of the airport at 3 am. I didnt expect such weather, but it was ok..hired a taxi, without negotiating too much, coz at that time of the night in such weather, u want the cabbie on ur side! My hotel, called Union Hotel was right on the corniche..which is a lovely necklace shaped area. the first impression of Alex was that of a laid-back chilled place..and that was the final impression as well !! Language was a barrier throughout my trip. The hotel guy was quite helpful even at 3 am, as i discussed with him my plan of action for the morning.

                            Straight to the Roman Catacombs i went, which is a burial ground during the roman reign, consisitng of tombs and graves 100 feet below the surface. It was amazing to think of how they must have constructed such a precise n perfect place deep down inside, its almost like a mortuary there with places for so many bodies! Plus lots of architecture and stuff on the stop was Pompeys Pillar, just a landmark TALL pillar from Alexanders times! Back to the tram and on the return journey, it felt sooo nice jus soaking in the views.

                            Egypt has a very good train system, and not the least bit expensive..The 220 km journey from Alexandria to Cairo on one of the imported trains ( all long distance trains in Egypt are either french or spanish ) took just 2 hours and cost me around US$ 7 in first class, and all trains are precisely on time always. The 1st and 2nd class cabins have comfortable seats, and the train ride is a smooth one!

                            In Cairo, you are SAFE.
                            It might sound odd, but every 10 metres of so, you are likely to bump into the men in black, the policemen in Egypt! Each cop is armed heavily, and you can never escape the cops while you are roaming around. Indeed, extremely unfortunate would be the person who got robbed or mugged in such a police atmosphere! Also, they are extremely helpful, and will give you valuable tips and directions. Of course, everything is done for ?Bakhsheesh? or tips, but if you talk well, you can circumvent that as well. I learnt that being friendly with them goes a long way.


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                              so and i are deciding between egypt and turkey. we prefer egypt but scare of terrorist attacks. any advise from fellow cotters on this?