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    my fren stay in egypt and do a local package there..


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      Hi everyone!

      Did anyone recently (or late last yr) went to Egypt in a group tour with our local agency? 3 gfs and I are interested to join a group tour to Egypt in late oct/early nov. The itinerary for the bigger agencies looks about the same so just like to find out the travel experience for the various agencies. I have read that we should not expect too much from the cruise but is there anything else to do (activities) on the cruise while travelling from one place to another? Thanks!


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        I went Egypt and had my itinerary planned by our hostel. All we did was tell them what we want to see and they did everything for us and charge us accordingly (which we bargained like crazy to mark it down 50%.)

        MHO - if you like a leisurely paced trip, then the cruise is more suitable and more reliable (compared to trains.) But that also means it takes time for you to travel from the port to attractions. Not all attractions are by the Nile.

        What I suggest is to find out what do you want to see when you are in Egypt before looking for a tour package that has what you want. So far, a lot of people who had been to Cairo never want to go back there again, myself included. Haha.


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          ic.. cairo that bad? How come? i'm looking up on eye witness travel for some photos and descriptions on some of the group tour itinerary. My gfs said they are ok with any tour as long as it visits Abu Simbel. But reading on previous posts, seems like most agencies offer it as an optional excursion.


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            Abu Simbel is usually an optional because not everyone is willing to wake up in the middle of the night for the 3am convoy that departs Aswan. At the same time, Abu Simbel trip is usually quite expensive. It is totally worth paying and waking up early. Abu Simbel is amazing, more so if you know how they moved the entire structure up higher grounds from the Nile. I will recommend you to go to Abu Simbel and spend a few days in Aswan. My favourite is Aswan, it is like the mediterrean of Egypt, sunny and much cooler.

            I'm not sure if it is fair to say that Cairo is that bad, but it is, to me. It is dirty, dusty and people there are out to rip you off big time. Everytime when I want to buy something, I have to bargain like crazy. I want to get an aladdin pot and the souk guy was asking for S$50 initially. To me, it is horribly expensive. When I tried to bargain, he became agressive, not very nice. The men there like to stare and their stare could bore through your clothes/ body. I didn't cover my hair, I don't think that is a major issue to me but I don't like people staring at me like that. Eventually, I decided to stare back. The women and children are nicer, they will come up and look at you, look at your hair and try to touch you. I'm fine with that. I went with a middle eastern girl friend, she got the worst experience I think. She had the hostel owner telling her he is looking for another wife, got men going up to talk to her and she hated it. That's just Cairo. In Luxor, Aswan, we felt safer and people there are much nicer, we try to tip the helpers or people who helped us as much as possible since they are really very poor over there.

            Sights wise, Egypt is not disappointing. I was a little disappointed with the Pyramids though. They are big, huge, yes. But that's it. It's also dusty, sandy, dirty and full of tourists (I shouldn't complain about this but oh well...) I feel that, for a city with such booming tourism and yet still having their people in poverty, most places in dilapidated state, something is very wong. We talked to a tour guide and he said Egypt is a very corrupted country, money goes to a few people so their own citizens don't gain much from. Anyhow, Cairo made me feel very sad, for the people who live there and cannot get much help or get out. Even those in tourism, they only earn minimal and the rest of the profit goes to unscruptulous business owners.

            If you want any info on Egypt, am happy to share. You can find my itineray here.