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Where can I find embroidery services?

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  • Where can I find embroidery services?


    Would like to find out if there is this service available? To sew or embroider initial on men's shirt (eg on the pocket,etc)...
    If yes, where & what's the cost like?

    Thank u!


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    Do you mean putting the initials on a shirt that you already have bought or a custom made shirt?

    For custom tailored shirts, try CYC at Raffles Hotel Arcade. You can get the initials monogrammed at the pocket, cuffs etc. I think the prices are around $100?


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      i mean putting initials on a shirt that have already bought.
      is there such a service available?


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        Not too sure but u can always ask those T-shirt printing shops. There's this shop at Sunshine Plaza (facing Bencoolen St) called TouchPrint. I'm not very sure if they do embroidery but since they are in this business, why not ask them for reference? I have a few friends who went there for their services and they are really nice people.

        I reckon you can ask those specialty shops dealing in making T-shirt uniforms for Starbucks/Borders. Maybe Yellow Pages is a good place to start?

        Hope this helps.


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          Originally posted by raebelasian
          I reckon you can ask those specialty shops dealing in making T-shirt uniforms for Starbucks/Borders. Maybe Yellow Pages is a good place to start?
          i've got a few friends that do that lmk if you need their contacts, i can dig them up


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            Where can I find embroidery services?

            I need to get a bath towel embroidered with a friend's initial. Any idea where can I get this done and how is it charged?



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              don't know of any place that provide such service.

              how about getting those iron-on alphabets? *** be able to find at spotlight?


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                Hi, U can do yr embroidery at Meiling Embroidery & Cap. Tel: 62506501.


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                  I can Help

                  call 97906116 look for jasmine, tell her jason introduce u. Think she will help you and give you a reasonable price. If not go down to queensway shopping centre there a shop doing what you wan.

                  Jazz yuen


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                    Customise Embroidery Shops

                    Does anyone knows where to go for customised embroidery of names or pictures? Preferably in town? I have a pair pillowcase which I like to customise with my SO's name. But couldn't find a place that can do it.


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                      Where to do embroidery on caps...towels etc?

                      Hi All

                      Anyone knows where I can get names or words embroidered on caps,towels or clothes to personalised the items.


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                        hey, do you want to do them in bulk or just a few items? i have a friend who's in this line, but i think she only does in bulk. i can help you check with her if you're interested.


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                          If its one or two items only, you can consider getting Iron-on embroidery... craft stores should have those... so the idea is to buy the alphabets that you need.


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                            You can try army market. I saw 1 of the shop having such service before.


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                              after searching high and low the previous time, i found the below places..

                              bobbinz stitch at IMM. the results they produce - not bad. however, beware of the poor customer service if you're only doing a couple of items.

                              they're opened during office hours and saturdays(half days)- they claimed. but after calling to confirm i made a trip down to IMM but the shop is CLOSED.

                              another place, graffiti imprint at novena square. the typeface for selection is limited though.
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