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Baby sleep alone in his/her own room?

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  • Baby sleep alone in his/her own room?

    my baby has been sleeping in our room since the day she came home, she sleeps in her own crib.

    now that she is 4mths old, i'm thinking of moving her to her own room, but i'm suffering from separation anxiety

    how many of you let baby sleep alone and do you wake up to check on baby?

    i guess i shld get a baby monitor as well. what brands do you recommend? i saw an angelcare baby monitor by safety 1st on babycenter's store, it detects movement as well, has anyone used it before?

    my baby sleeps alone the nursery
    my baby sleeps in a separate room with a caregiver
    my baby sleeps with us in our bed
    my baby sleeps in our room in his/her crib

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      My baby has sleeping in our room, in her own cot since day one. I don't know when we will let her sleep in her own room as we are still living with the in-laws and there's no extra room. We will be moving into our own home in another 6 months or so but even then, I doubt we'll let her sleep in her own room because she's still so young. It's such a difficult decision to make

      Anyway, we have a Philips baby monitor and it's quite good. The reception range is 100m and the reception is very clear even when we are downstairs.


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        yup,it's a tough choice. on one hand i can't wait to decorate the nursery. on the other, i don't think i can sleep well if she is not near me at night

        last night she turned over to her tummy and landed right next to the cot bumper. the amazing thing is she fell back asleep on her tummy and slep t till 8.30am in the morning instead of giving us morning call at 6am... haha my hubby late for work today

        she started turning over in the middle of the night since 3 months old, but this is the first time she didn't wake up crying and actually went back to sleep by herself


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          My baby sleeps in his cot in my MIL's room from Sun night till Thur. And he co-sleep with me on our queen size bed over weekend when hubby is not working so that he can do the night feed during my confinement. It is good to sleep next to me so that I know how is he but I cant go into my normal deep sleep (cos scare i roll over him). But so far, this arrangement is ok as we wanted to give my MIL time to rest from doing housework, marketing, feeding and changing baby - its really tiring..

          But I do wanted to move baby back to his cot in our room in time to come. I do not have extra room as my SIL is still occuping one extra room..sign..

          And my baby cried or call out really loud and clear. I save $$ as no need for baby monitor! LOL

          Finally we got baby's birth registered. His name is Iizen Sng (pronounce as e-zen)..


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            My kids sleep with us til they reach five years they sleep their own **** as for leaving baby alone better not ***...
            cos you never know you will sleep so soundly n never heard they cry...