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  • Phonics training course for mummies

    I'm an experienced pre-school teacher now stay at home mum. My kids are both 6 and 10 yrs old. I started doing playgroup style cum phonics teaching with them when they were 2 to 3 yrs old. Both started reading elementary books and able to spell many words by age 3 and both started writing stories by age 5.

    Many parents sent their kids to phonics at the age of 4 and some kids at age 5 still unable to spell or read well. In fact, once a week phonics class is not enough. At least twice a week to reinforce the phonics learnt is more effective. Giving preschoolers early exposure to phonics with effective material and fun lesson plan is beneficial. My girl loves reading and without tuition and the need to do assessment book, she's the top scorer for English in P1. Her strong English foundation would not be possible if I did not expose her to phonics at an early age. There are many phonics material sold in bookstores and internet but many are not interesting. The one I have is used by a popular playgroup and my 2 kids love it and listen to it many times which shows that the phonics material used is effective.

    For children below 5 yrs old, regardless of whether they attend school, it is beneficial to teach them phonics yourself. Children can learn well in home environment if you know how to teach them in a stress-free and effective way. Thus, I have started a training course to Mummies who wants to teach phonics to their kids in an effective fun way themselves. The phonics session you do with your child will also comprise of letter introduction, phonics sound, words, craft, songs and rhymes. It’s an all rounded fun lesson for your child and he will definitely learn one thing or another. It’s also good bonding time with your child and for those with siblings, it’s even better and fun to do it together. Detailed lesson plans, songs with lyrics and craft materials will be included. You will be taught hand actions on songs and phonics rhymes and art and craft to make the teaching meaningful. The basic phonics comprise of consonants and vowels, suitable to teach kids upto 5 yrs old.

    In every session, besides learning how to teach your child phonics using letter theme teaching, effective and practical tips to encourage spelling (using basic phonics to spell many words by prompting), reading, writing and many areas of learning will be shared.

    So far the mummies who had completed this course gave very good feedback as follows:-
    - The fee is value for money due to the 60 prepared craftwork that are creative and excellent.
    - The phonics CD set is very good as it is simple yet catchy. Their kids are enticed by it.
    - It is interesting to incorporate lesson plan, phonics, songs and crafts together into meaningful teaching lessons.
    - The tips on reading, prompting and writing are very useful to help their kids learn spelling and reading and gradually progress to writing.
    - It allows them to bond with their kids yet they are really learning at the same time.
    - Some mummies had started teaching and their children enjoyed and look forward to it. They saw progress in their kid's learning.

    All these feedback can be read during the first training session.

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    - 6 Session Training Course, about 2.5 hours each session
    - Once a week only
    - Course Fee: $360/- (including detailed lesson plans and 60 Fully Prepared Crafts and Materials)
    - Basic Phonics Book and CD to be purchased at $25/set
    - Payment for confirmation : $85/- (First session and Basic Phonics Set) to pay in advance via Bank Transfer.

    - Subsequent Payment Mode (1): One-Session Advance Payment in Cash over 5 sessions i.e $60/- after each training (only if you wish to continue). No make-up class entitlement

    - Subsequent Payment Mode (2): Full payment after first session (only if you wish to continue). Make-up class entitlement to join any on-going classes for lessons missed until completion of all the session.

    - Optional purchase : Intermediate Phonics Book and CD at $28/- (not compulsory to buy)
    - Optional purchase : ‘a’ to ‘z’ Alphabet Feely Cards with feely materials at $30/set (not compulsory to buy)
    - Optional purchase : Extra craftset from 'a' to 'z' (about 60 pcs) at $180/set (not compulsory to buy. More for sibling or repeat teaching)
    - Location: Blk 354, Admiralty Drive (less than 5 min walk from Sembawang MRT)

    Below are the lesson plan details for the 6 sessions:-

    Session 1 = Introduction + letter 'a' (each letter has 2 lesson plans) + Home Teaching Resources

    Session 2 = Letter 'b to f' + Sharing : Prompting (Phonics to spell) & Lesson plan teaching

    Session 3 = Letter 'g to k' + Sharing: Creativity, Meaningful Learning & Fun Play

    Session 4 = Letter 'l to p' + Sharing : Writing

    Session 5 = Letter 'q to you' + Sharing : Learnig Maths & Chinese

    Session 6 = Letter 'very to z' + Sharing: Reading

    * Phonics Prompting will be practised from Session 2 till course end.


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      Course Information:-

      In the first session I'll be doing a short introduction and tips on how to use home resources to teach and after that go through the teaching of letter 'a'. In subsequent sessions, you will be taught how to teach from letter ‘b’ to ‘z’ (2 activities and craftwork per letter) and will be given the detailed lesson plans, song lists, prepared craft work and material. After each training session, I will share tips on how to use home environment and resources to help your child learn in different areas especially spelling, reading, writing, and creativity etc. At home, you are supposed to teach your child one letter per week depending on the age of your child.

      This phonics training is not just learning the sounds of the letters. It will be meaningless if you dont't have an all-rounded lesson plan to support it to make it interesting. With the prepared materials, you just need to do some touch up on the craft, follow the lesson plan, execute it and if done well, a meaningful lesson will entice your kids (cannot be just listening to phonics and worksheets at this young age, it's simply too boring). Not only will they learn phonics but concurrently picking up words as you link it, enjoying the activity and will look forward to it. During the half year to a year of teaching your child from a to z, reading books to them and with them is the second essential stage to have reading foundation. That's why I want to share all that I went through with my kids on successful reading with the mummies.

      Effective phonics CD set is very important. Usually kids won't pick up much in playgroup as the group is too big and parents at home are not able to reinforce the phonics taught without the CD and book. My son now 5 cannot remember the phonics he learnt in PCF but can remember clearly every rhymes and songs I taught in this very good phonics set called - "Phonics Songs and Rhymes. It's rhyme is catchy and the phonics song is short, sweet and can relate. But by listening can be meaningless coz kids need to link it with activities that introduce words that relates to the phonics for eg. after phonics 'a' sound, we introduce a for apple (picture), then introduce the word (a-p-p-l-e), then do craft activity, sing song and rhymes or games all relating to apple. Teaching this way will allow kids to interlink phonics and words and definitely learn one thing or another. So in this course, you will be taught the songs to sing, action to do, what games to play, how to do the craftwork etc.

      In this course, not only will you learn phonics to teach your child but also how to APPLY the phonics sounds effectively so that you child will learn how to spell easily. When we are a able to reinforce phonics with reading and when we can prompt our kids in any day to day situation how to spell, they will pick up very fast. Once a child is able to spell and read, we need to keep reading with them and help them sustain the reading interest by offering a variety of books which will further enhance his English language. Thus, the selection of books for our kids to read is the next major important step to successful reading.

      I understand that some mummies had reservations about my course. That's why after the first session, you pay ONLY if you want to continue the next session. Of course, it's good to complete all sessions so that you can complete the whole series of teaching 'a' to 'z'. If you do not wish to continue, at least you have a rough idea how to go about an all-rounded teaching plan. I really hope parents can learn through this course and teach their children themselves effectively. It's great bonding time with the children too, doing things together. I believe this will benefit your child just as it has benefitted mine

      You can also email me at [email protected] or [email protected] or hp 9734 2234 if you have any other concerns.


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        Blogs shared by mummies about this course:-

        1) By Mummy Winnie (2 yo girl):-

        2) By Mummy 'MusicBox':-
        "My girl started home teaching on phonics when she was 2 years 4 mths, 1st lesson was on letter A, now she's 2 years 7 mths old and on her 15th lesson, which was on letter H, I see great improvement on her. In 3 mths time, she progresses from unable to take instructions, to following the instructions throughout the lesson and even can spell out the word. If you're struggling with lesson A, dont't give up, your kid will prove to you soon!"

        (In the blog, click 'My Fun Class' - note all craft materials are packed and provided)

        "This is a very good course for all the mummies. The lesson plan is simple yet without attending, I might not be adopting this fun structure when teaching my kids.
        I attended Jann's course in April this year and started to teach my girl when she's 2 years 4 mths old. When I first taught her the lesson on A for Apple, she was running here and there, unable to sit still, not listening to my instruction, and everything seem a mess. She's 2 years 8 mths now and after 4 mths of teaching her the lessons once a week, she's able to follow the instruction and she roughly got the idea of prompting now."

        3) By Mummy PC (6 yo girl):-

        4) By Mummy Ry-an:-
        "My son was turning 4 when i joined her class last yr April. He knows his initial sounds and are eager to read. I dont know how to help him till i attended Jann's class. Prompting is a wonderful method to help him to read. Today, he is reading Peter and Jane 6A fluently ( but need pushing as he dislikes readin aloud). I am targeting to let him complete Peter and Jane 9B by end of the year.
        Now he is also writing short stories weekly. Not long though, but its a good start. He needs minimal help when come to spelling the words as he seen most of the sight words in stories. As for longer words, prompting comes in and we will work on the longer words.

        Really thank you for sharing this method to all the mummies
        Hopefully Jann can start a class on how to teach Chinese! As he just cant get it right.

        5) By Mummy Del (5 yo girl):-
        "Impressed by phonics prompting when my gal can spell Watermelon and Helicopter within 5 min. Bravo!! Am really impress by phonics that helps her spell big words with the prompting. So eager to let her learn more big words.Thanks for all the shared experience during the class. Really learnt a lot from you. Can't wait to increase her word bank so she can write n read more." "

        6) The last batch of mummies has completed the course in 2011 (with children range from 2 to 6 yrs old).
        - "I really appreciate the sharing from Jann and from other mums and also what kind of technics/methods I can apply on my child which I think I could not get these tips from other classes."

        - "For me, phonics are very unfamiliar for my case but I'm able to understand in class. I struggled at first thru prompting (phonics to spell) but towards the end of session, I'm getting a hang of it. This course has proven to me more interesting than expected.

        - "The lesson plans are very interesting with different craftworks integrated into the session. The skills on prompting phonics for spelling is essential and effective. Jann ensured that we pick up the prompting skills by practising in every session."

        - "Very good sharing from Jann's own experiences. Really beneficial to parents who want to be involved in child's education at home. Would encourage parents to take up this course as it can save money and no need to sign up for phonics enrichment class.

        - "My girl likes the craftwork very much. She is 4.5 yrs old:.

        - "My son enjoys the variety of craftworks very much and this is the part that he looks forward to. The phonics prompting is very useful for spelling".

        - "The lesson plans serves as a guideline and I dont't have to crack my brain. Jann is friendly and approachable. No stress at all! Where to find such teacher that teaches mummies ?"

        - "Enjoy the sharing session on writing and reading. Thank you so much for everything".

        The list goes on.....
        Jann Phonics
        Cozy Rookie
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          Training schedule (6 Sessions, Once a Week Only):-
          Pls note that Sat classes are usually full. If you wish to sign up, do PM or email me your email address, age of your child and contact no. so that I can reserve a slot for you.

          2012 TRAINING SCHEDULE (6-Session Course):-
          - Commencing 7 Jan 2012, every Sat at 10 am (Course ended)
          - Commencing 9 Jan 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am (Course ended)

          - Commencing 25 Feb 2012, every Sat at 1 pm (Course ended)
          - Commencing 27 Feb 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am (Course ended)

          - Commencing 7 Apr 2012, every Sat at 10 am (One Slot Left)
          - Commencing 9 Apr 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am (Available)

          - Commencing 22 May, every Tues at 1 pm
          - Commencing 2 Jun 2012, every Sat at 1 pm

          - Commencing 2 Jul 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am
          - Commencing 14 Jul 2012, every Sat at 10 am

          - Commencing 13 Aug 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am
          - Commencing 25 Aug 2012, every Sat at 1 pm

          - Commencing 1 Oct 2012, every Mon at 9.30 am
          - Commencing 6 Oct 2012, every Sat at 10 am

          - Commencing 15 Nov 2012, every Thurs at 1 pm
          - Commencing 17 Nov 2012, every Sat at 1 pm

          Feel free to email me at [email protected] or [email protected] or hp: 97342234


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            TEACHING YOUNG TODDLERS - Ideas to teach toddlers below 2 plus)

            This phonics training course is suitable for teaching your own kids from 2 plus onwards. There are mummies with very young toddlers below 2 plus who had completed this course. They prefer to attend now as they may not have spare time to do so in future. Young toddlers have 'supersonic' memory power and mummies at home can make use of simple resources and toys to build their memory power which will be helpful when their understanding and maturity progress around 3 yrs old.

            If you know how to teach your child especially in a play-based manner, she will definitely progress. Before 2 yrs old, you can start building up her foundation gradually on the LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET (a to z) and NUMBERS (1 to 10), shapes and colours using simple, cheap (if you buy from pasar malam) and fun ways through the following toys:-

            - Letters and Numbers Puzzles (both wooden and foam type)
            - Letters and Numbers Blocks (cube type) - for her to stack and after a while help her form the order a-z or 1-10 as she progress
            - Wall Charts from letter 'a' to 'z' with words and numbers to be pasted on wall
            - Magnetic Board for her to doodle and later on draw and write as she progress older
            - Wooden puzzles on shapes, animals etc
            - Electronic toys that has music c/w letter and numbers
            - Whatever toys, wall charts, kid’s tabletop etc you can find that emphasize on letters, numbers, shapes and colours which is within her ability to play
            - VCD that emphasize on letters, numbers, words and colours (provided you are not against child watching TV. Personally I find it ok as long as not too much exposure)

            The above is just a portion of her play time having “academic learning”. Do note that very young toddlers has very short attention span, so each activity may only last for a while. It is play, play and play using different types of toys. Talking, singing, and reading pictorial books (little word more pictures) or picture talk, outing to build up her motor skills etc forms the fundamental learning development.

            So far, puzzles are the most powerful resource to learn letters and nos. The key of teaching her while playing is this - You have to say out the letter whenever she plays. This is very important as you are teaching her subconsciously while she is engross in the toy or 'struggling' to fit the letter in the puzzle The initial purpose is that she is able to identify the letter shape and fit in but as you read out the letter and she starts to understand, the ultimate purpose is that she is able to identify the letter or even say out the letter and fit in the correct place. It is not necessary to repeat saying the letter, just once is enough (eg. Yes, it’s letter ‘d’ etc) . The child also need not complete the puzzle if she refuses to play after a while. Remember to emphasize on easy letters first eg. 'o', 'i', l etc and once you roughly know she can recognise some of the letters, ask her what letter is that (eg letter 'o') when she tries to put in the puzzle (this is call testing). Afterwhich, you continue to say the letters for her to learn while she's playing until she finally able to recognise and identify all the letters of the alphabet. This way of prompting applies to all types of visual aids and learning toys so that you know whether your child knows the letter or not. Praise them when they name the right ones and they will be proud of themselves too.

            For young toddler, your role is to GRADUALLY help her identify the following at fingertips by 2 yrs old:-
            - 'a' to 'z'
            - one to ten
            - 'a' to 'z' stands for .... (eg. a for apple, b for ball....z for zebra)
            - shapes, colours, animals etc
            - Simple spelling based on MEMORY if she can (eg. zoo, cat)- for 2 to 3 yrs old

            Remember no force learning i.e force to sit down and learn the words. All these teaching should be relax and carefree and should not test your patience at all as it is based on your child’s attention span and play style.

            By 2 or 2 plus when she is able to achieve the above, you can start introducing phonics for her to spell based on the sound. As I understand from the mummies, it is after the child had acquired and know the letters and even the phonics sound, they do not know what to do next to help them spell or read. Few of them go by force learning and keep flashing cards which to me, is boring and the child will soon switch off. This is where my phonics training course comes in. By then if you take the course, it's really fun and I believe she will benefit from it. It's not solely the teaching but many more things using toys, teaching aids, prompting etc to gradually help her to read, spell and write well by 6 yrs old.

            The ultimate purpose of starting early to be able to spell and read is for the child to be able to WRITE by the time they are 6 yrs old to fully prepare them for primary school. Do note that you will learn how to encourage them to do it in a stress-free manner. Once a child can achieve this, tuition and academic enrichment class will not be necessary in primary school which spare them and parents a lot of time, money and agony. If the foundation is strong and without the need for tuition, the child will be able to breeze through upto at least Pri 2 with good results and yet enjoy enjoy their childhood better.

            Hope this helps.


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              Mummy Serina, thanks for your encouragement:-

              "Jann, Thank you for conducting the phonics class. I really enjoyed the class. Even though I have not really apply it fully to my baby yet who is only 14 mths old, it really benefited me as a mum who has zero knowledge on phonics. The craftworks are so wonderful & I believe my girl will love it when I start the full lesson plan with her later on.

              Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge & experiences and all the other mummies too.


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                Hi Vivy,

                Payment received. Your slot for 9 Apr, Mon at 9.30 am is confirmed. See you!