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New Year's Eve '04

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  • New Year's Eve '04

    anyone has any suggestion to go on new year's eve?

    everywhere will be so crowded......hmmmm
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    I think there is count down in Sentosa!


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      yup...theres a countdown there but it will be good if you hv accomodation there.....

      so far....all resorts and hotel rooms have been taken up except for beaufort which is so so expensive!


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        As long as u have someone driving there, going back wont be a problem. I was there the year before, everything was good


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          Went Sentosa last yr or the yr before....kinda boring
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            hi emmababy!

            cos your company was not fun ***....hahaha!


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              OK, i must agree no matter where u r, is not the main point. The most important is "who r u with". I know who i should look for during this kind of special event to have more fun!


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                but it's really true. how much fun you have depends a lot on the crowd you're with. I know anyone who's out with jemay will have a blast


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                  hahaha...maybe it's true. I went with my bf & his friends cos they have some free tics to the event there. But dun know them very well so quite boring. But i dun fancy foam parties...seem very unhygienic to me.


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                    so jemay, r u a party animal?


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                      whatcha doin' on new year's eve?

                      i m gonna stay at the scarlet hotel which was feature in the papers today.

                      i happened to drive past it today so i went in to take a look, so far, i m really impressed. the staff are realy friendly n jovial and the place is unique. it has a character of its own.

                      the reason why we chose this palce was because almost every other hotel is fully booked but i must say, i love the concept of this place. it's different!!

                      thought i'll share the good stuff with u gals, here's the webbie:

                      now i just can't wait to go there!!
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                        I'm staying at home!


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                          i went thru the website of the scarlet hotel.....its really impressive!

                          did you book the standard room? at $110?


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                            Originally posted by joeist
                            i went thru the website of the scarlet hotel.....its really impressive!

                            did you book the standard room? at $110?
                            they said some of the standard rooms may not have windows. so i chose the deluxe, which is $115 i think.

                            we wanted a queen deluxe but my bf nooked wrongly on thru the phone n booked it on 1st jan.

                            so, we changed the date to 31st dec while we were there n they ran out of queen deluxe already. gave us a king deluxe at the same rate too!


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                              hey....u are really lucky..!

                              but im not so sure where exactly is the hotel....