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Ooh Cute Nudie!!

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  • Ooh Cute Nudie!!

    anyone tried their stuff? Really yummy???

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    hmm havent tried cos i was never tempted to but if i'm not wrong, those are just bottled drinks. i much prefer Boost Juice . these are made on the spot. love the Mango Magic smoothie. mmmmm


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      BoostJuice's corporate colours remind me of SpongeBob! hee... Yum yum!

      Was vy attracted to Nudie's packaging but not tried. wonder yummy?

      so now temporarily i be Nudie (for my Karma's sake). when i am ready to bad, i be Domo again!


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        vernis, so now i know where u got your cute avatar from. LoL!

        They all look soooo cute. Cuter than my beloved Qoo.


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          i also like QOOOOooooo!!!!

          i like "ugly-looking" characters, i like Lilo too!

          now better spend less, save more $$ for the flood victims.

          Next year then i buy Nudie.


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            cold storage at Jelita sells Nudie!!!!

            i have a bottle with me, (mango, passion fruit & more)

            it tastes really good, but small for it's price. but i like the bottle. tres cute!


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              Ooh thanx Elita!

              i actually saw them at Bakery Depot. will go get & test


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                I quite like Nudie, my fave is the citrus one. But yeah not cheap. I prefer to juice my own fruits at home, fresher that way plus it retains the vit c. Same goes for Boost. I don't mind it once in a while when I'm out and on the run but I much rather prefer making my own smoothie at home. I use heaps of fresh fruits whereas Boost only adds a few pieces of fruits and uses mainly juice.


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                  Thanks Babyflite

                  hmm... will grab one in ColdStorage later.

                  Open, glurp down throat that's all rite? Need any "additive"? hee....


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                    Oh yeah one advice, the citrusy one does taste very strongly of grapefruit so those who do not like the taste of grapefruit probably want to stay away from this.


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                        die!! forgot to pop by CS to buy!!!! memory failign me again..