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10th april 2012 Lost a precious friend for good (Warning, content is xtremely boring)

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  • 10th april 2012 Lost a precious friend for good (Warning, content is xtremely boring)

    Sorry mates, i can only find this medium to release my stress thus i wrote it here. * Warning * Content is xtremely BORING~!!! Please leave if you have a high expectation for the eloquence of the language and content. Kindly leave this thread. However should you wish to continue feel free to leave any comments except for ANG MOH WOLF. No NEGATIVE COMMENTS FROM YOU~!!! PERIOD

    10th April 2012 12+am, my friend buzzed me informing me that that she has decided to stop contacting me due to personal reason of hers.
    I did not stop her despite it hurts as once again as she is a form of support to me. I just put up a brave front and agreed upon her decision. This issue has once again arise and i think it is time for us to put a stop to it. In the middle of the night, i went to her place to return her the stuff i took from her for business. Feeling vexed and not being able to recover what has just happened, i decided to take a slow relax walk and flag a cab once i am done with it. Surprisingly, i walked from Lorong Ah Soo to Ang Mo Kio and i did not feel any form of exhaustion but i lost my way from there so i hailed for a cab.

    My friend: A total stranger from online whom has been by my side and helped me alot. I think she has helped me alot in comparison to my usefulness beside her except for the one big thing.

    -To her-
    Despite your decision to stop contacting me, i wish her all the best.
    I wasnt angry with you when i went to your house. Just that, i think the best solution is to return you your stuff and that will give you no excuse of meeting me up. May good luck be with you, i'll pray for you
    As for me, i'll return to my little shell
    May all angels be with you.