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New Year Resolutions!

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  • New Year Resolutions!

    Wishing everyone lotsa love and happiness for 2005!

    Name a/some new year resolution.
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    start saving up! my spending


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      study harder and make my grades better! and of cause, happiness to everyone around me!


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        To lead a healthier lifestyle : More exercise, sleeping earlier and eating properly.


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          x-post from my LJ

          finally i have time to sit down and think about my resolutions. i refuse to have any for 2004 and it has been quite a messed up year. i need something to follow and hope to abide by them, so that i can have more in 2006. and i will just start with the following:

          1. Get a new job, and stick to it. (have already start sending out resumes, will continue to do so)

          2. Get down on taking my driver's license.

          3. Save $5000 - this is gonna be incremental if i ever achieve the 5K for 2005

          4. Get back into inline skating. (hasn't done this for ages, hope my skates are in good condition)

          5. Limit on material needs. (no more impulsive behaviours, to curb all temptations, to differentiate between NEEDS and WANTS)

          6. Always remember to put myself in other people's shoes.


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            Save up money!! And everyone be happy?? Hope can get a Diploma cert before 2006.


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              Study very hard for my As and do well to get into university.


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                get a good job after grad


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                  I refused to have any resolutions in the past too because I tend to forget them. For the year 2005, I will be good and remember.

                  Anyway, here's mine,

                  1. Finish my food
                  2. Be reasonable even when I am PMS-y so my hubby won't have to take my nonsensical shit
                  3. Spend more time with my granny
                  4. Only buy things that I NEED and available in Singapore
                  5. Be nice


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                    4. Only buy things that I NEED and available in Singapore
                    i think this is hard.. how to with all the sprees around? you're so cute! hee!


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                      My New year resolution (Got to put them down so that I remember and make it happen):

                      1. Shed the excess weight I am carrying. - 10kg
                      2. Save money diligently.
                      3. Keep up on my weekly yoga & aerobics session.
                      4. Brisk walk at least 3 times a week.
                      5. Listen more, talk less
                      6. A promotion this year
                      7. Spend time with baby, hubby, girl friends, family and myself
                      8. Make a difference to people around me.
                      9. Sleep and rest more
                      10. Take good care of my hands before they turn old and wrinkle from all the washing and cleaning
                      11. Say I love You everyday.


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                        ..Concentrate on my sch work more..
                        ..Spend quality time with my darling. Stop being a sometimes unreasonable n jealous freak girlfriend..
                        ..Work n save up for my next trip in few months time.(i am addicted to travelling omg)..
                        ..learn to be independent..


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                          Here are mine
                          • To give 100% in the new job I'm starting in January
                          • To lead a healthier lifestyle- eat better, loose that excess weight and make use of that gym membership
                          • To follow my dreams and avoid becoming complacent in life
                          • To keep my bedroom tidy and organised!
                          • To make an effort to take up new hobbies I've always wanted to try
                          • To make an effort to meet more new people

                          I'd like to wish everyone here lots of happiness, love, health and wealth for 2005!!


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                            My new year resolutions for 2005 :
                            • Try to have a healthy/better relationship with my parents
                            • Be more focussed on my studies!
                            • Spend less than $100 extra in shopping each month
                            • Maintain and improve my close friendships


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                              1. Pass my driving
                              2. Save up more instead of spending more
                              3. Make more effort to know people
                              4. Keep my bedroom tidy
                              5. Study hard for my degree course