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anyone received call frm 新粤华?

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  • anyone received call frm 新粤华?

    Jus wanna check if anyone had similar encounter.
    It started with receiving a call from china lady speaking fluent Chinese in a very professional-style claiming tt their company 新粤华's opening an restaurant here & am chosen to attend their food sampling on a stated date @ Jurong bird Park??/ event. So I jus leave my name & said if can then I attend.

    Few days later after e stated event called & said even thou I didn't attend but e allocated serial nos allocated to me won e 3rd prize($13800)

    I was skeptical bout it & thot maybe it's another phone scam so I played along *** her asking for their company reg.nos while I provided e infos they need to process e prize to my account(told me another way's to claim's to their branch @ china."~). During e conversation asked a few unrelated Qs like my occupation, working hrs etc so when I asked why said it's to facilitate their call?

    Anyway I checked e HK site for their reg nos & indeed it's registered so I don know how true is tt..