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  • Aquarobics

    Aquarobics is a popular alternative to high impact fitness classes and it suitable for non-swimmers too. Exercises conducted in the shallow waters programme uses water resistance to tone and strengthen without building bulk and floatation belts used in the deep waters programme concentrates on giving your legs, arms and abs a great workout. Perfect for cross training, weight loss and rehabilitation from injury.

    Anyone tried this before?

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    I tried it at the YMCA some years back. I enjoyed it, being in the water you don't really feel so hot and sweaty and it just seems to be more fun than normal exercise classes. The only bad thing about it was that the pool there was not heated so if it's been raining... brrrrr... I think it's especially good for people with injuries or the elderly since the bouyancy of the water gives more support. My mum also did classes and she really enjoyed them. HTH!



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      Cool! I'm going to take that up. Another excuse too for buying a new tankini!


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        I also tried doing some simple aerobics steps in the pool by myself. Learn aerobics in my school days and read up on some steps as well. SO i tried to applied them during pool workout. But since I'm exercising at 8pm or later and I'm alone doing it, I seem to get some attention from passerby. I dont swim in pool. I jog and do aerobics. Its better for people who wants to lost weight and yet have some problems with knees/legs etc. The water will help to protect our body from getting hurt and pressure exerts on our body is also reduce. Yet, the energy we are exerting might even more higher than land exercise due to water resistance.