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m1 Customer Service (bad service)

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  • m1 Customer Service (bad service)

    I Am so pised with M1 customer service. This is the 2nd time around they told me things that are not allowed but then over the counter will tell you it is allowed LIkE using authorization letter because I am so late in my appointment so I ask a friend for help to fix my change address for me over the phone it was said its complicated so I better be around then the time I am reaching paragon my friend told me that it is allowed. Its too late becauae now I am riding taxi hoping to reach my appointment on time. :mad:

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    i have faced many misinformed issues with M1. Sometimes the staff over the phone was not knowledgeable enough. Last year, I had issues with service from M1 and called them. They told me that i could resolve the issues by coming down personally to the counter. I rushed from work and q-ed for almost an hour and was told that it's not possible for me to do that at the counter! This time I wanted to terminate my mobile phone with them after finishing 2 yr contract though I had been with M1 for almost a decade. But their service was getting worse and worse.


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      seems like most of the telco call centres are like that. same for starhub. they will just ask you to bring your phone to the counter to have it fixed.

      sometimes you just have to keep probing them with the correct questions, and they will give u exactly the answer that u need.


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        applies to all 3 telcos.