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  • Pinata

    Does anyone play is party game before? can someone tell me where to buy it?


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    I think its not really a game, or maybe there's a way of 'playing' it that I'm not sure of. You can buy a pinata at one of those party shops. I believe the party shop (not sure the name though) at centrepoint should have it (level 2 or 3 I think?).


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      I think a pinata is a papier-mache type and the inside is filled with candies/sweets. The goal is to hit it while being blindfolded till it breaks open.

      I did a google and here some sites which teach you how to make your own, plus the instructions on playing it.

      Not sure where you can buy it in Singapore though.


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          You can purchase them from:

          1) Concourse - Heart Link party shop on the 4th level
          2) Toys R Us
          3) Centrepoint - Party shop on 4th level

          Bought 1 from concourse. Think it was abt $30. You have to buy sweets and put them in it. You also need to purchase a wooden bat if you don't have any. This cost me another $12.

          If young children are playing, it can be quite dangerous if they are to be blindfolded. Moreover, they have poor coordination skills and little strength, so they may find it hard to aim, swing and hit! Just suspend the pinata in the air (using string/rope) and the kids can take turns to hit it till it breaks and the sweets drop onto the ground. Then you'll see all will rush for the goodies!


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            there's also a shop at holland v that's rather near to fosters the english rose cafe. i think it's the same name as the centrepoint one but i have forgotten it's name. it's located on the scond storey. they sell pinatas there too! they come in all sort of designs!!

            i was about to ask u to take extra precaution if young children are using their bats to break it! enjoy!!!
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              Merry World at Plaza Sing also sells that if not wrong??

              i hope shop name is correct. :eh:


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                Thank you for all your information i will go and find out


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                  i loved pinatas! (last time almost every bday party has to have a pinata heh heh)

                  blindfolded is more fun! just make the kids line up to take turns to hit it to prevent accidents =)