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  • Cocktails

    I should have asked for advice earlier, when I was cracking my brain over which cocktails to mix for the guests at the parties! I guess most of us have house parties, would love recs on the best cocktails/shooters to make!

    Been trying out fruity Magaritas with my friend's ice blender! Anyone knows where to get a cheap and good one?

    Tried Vanilla rum - mixture of Vanilla coke and Malibu rum
    Gin tonic twist - Asahi Dry beer with tonic water
    Greek defeat - half Bailey's and half vodka (potent!)
    Roasted Sambuca - Sambuca with coffee beans!!
    Apricot Brandy - Apricot liquer and brandy

    Some others would include simple ones like cocksucking cowboys, Sheridan and Bailey's on the rocks and Tequila rose! (Yummylicious! Its like strawberry Bailey's )

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    MIDORI ILLUSION shooters!!!

    can't rem the recipe off hand, but i rem there's midori (duh!), pineapple juice, vodka or rum and something else.....



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      reviving this thread.

      can anyone give some tips for simple cocktails using vodka?
      i am thinking of mixing it with peppermint sauce or lime or orange sorbet...



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        reviving this again...

        found a bottle of absolut peach and passionfruit liquer at home... and i have absolutely no idea what to do with them... can anyone pls suggest something? tia~~!!!


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          Just reviving this thread.
          I kinda get tired of looking at drinks menus and having trouble deciding what to drink.. i'm a very picky drinker and am almost getting bored of the drinks i usually order. So.. what do you girls usually order?

          What's your favourite cocktail and at where?
          I do like margherita and i think al patio serve quite good ones.
          Otherwise, things i usually order are, Barcardi & coke, lychee martini (frozen better), malibu and pineapple.


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            Midori Sour or with coke, Apricot brandy with 7-Up. I tend to like sweet stuff hehe