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  • FP case

    i know this is a little off topic but i m also facing a little prob with a gal from another forum

    i did a inter-bank funds transfer n she kept smsing me to say i haven't paid up. i *** it's hols season n the bank may be busy but when i called up today, they said that the transfer i made last fri was done real-time n it was reflected in her acct already.

    when i told her that. she didn't reply n i had to call her using a private no before she picked up. still claimed that it is not reflected!! asked me to send statement to her. how can that be?? the thing is i threw the staement away. but even the bank staff said that it is recorded in her acct already. i copied her my online statement after that. still no reply.

    what can i do about this?

    argh!!! i don't understand y these ppl r so cheapskate. for $20 go thru this kinda shit to cheat ppl! $20 only what.

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    Pills, i also have this problem now! very infuriating. i already transfer total of 46dollars and she claims she only received 80cents?!!?!?!??!?!?! very infuriated now. she wants the statements as well. and i had to make a trip down to bank, bank told me that its already recorded in her account ***! and money has already been credited to her! then she try and close the deal, but i have 25dollars worth with her ok!!!! and in the first place she was at fault because she didnt put in the two remaining items during our meetup. and she made me go all the way out of my convenience just to collect a few items. and she say two SETS. but the so called two "sets" actually just one item each, four total. and is sample size. and she made the blackhead mask like those can keep on using type, but is actually just sheet, one time use only! and after that say she charge me wrongly and ask me credit the remaining to her. so infuriating! now dont know what to do already. how!??!


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      starryx and pills>> What's up with i-banking man? I've had at least 3 buyers over the past one year tell me they transferred funds to me, but I didn't get anything. RARR. I didn't deal with either of you though...


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        i am very pissed off at the person right now. giving her the benefit of the doubt at the moment, and because she sell me some of the stuff really very low prices as compared to retail prices, MIGHT just let it go. she's stil asking for some more payment from me! grrr. if this goes on i'm not going to hesitate to report her to the police. even the bank lady who served me today told me that i should report her to the police if this goes on. because the proof is there already with the bank that she has received it. and i have proof as well. very irritated at her right now. so much trouble! this is the first time ***. hope nothing like this will ever happen again, if not i wont hesitate to take action anymore. i hate these kind of ppl!


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          Gah, cool down. This is very strange behaviour from her, though. Could you get her to show you a copy of her bank statement, or at least a screenshot of her internet banking account? Have you shown her a copy of the proof from the bank?


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            Hmm for inter-bank transfers, 3 business days is needed for the transfer to go through, but for the same bank, the transfer is immediate.

            I've done quite a few transactions myself, and so far never had problems with receiving or paying funds.

            poochi: check if they are transferring from same bank or if you have given a wrong account number!!


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              I copied the number directly from my internet banking account page so I wonder if they keyed in the wrong account number...


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                For those who were cheated, you might wanna think about lodging a police report together? Gather all the relevant info and head down to a police station.


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                  maybe we should name these ppl. my seller was from

                  i m intending to make a police report. tho i expect no actions but i want her to have a record in case she cheats someone again. now, she even threatens to make a police report of me giving her nuisance calls n sms which i didn't. i only sms her to find out about the payment. she didn't reply after i told her i called the bank up n it was credited. then she went MIA until very late at nite n scolded me back. said i sms her so many times. but she didn't reply what!

                  the worst thing is i have thrown away the bank statement as i have no probs with my previous transfer. n i have checked with her verbally n she said the acct no. is correct. i have checked twice somemore!!!

                  has someone actually made a report before?

                  the thing is it is clear that this gal is telling a lie as i have requested the bank to do a check on her acct as i wanted to know whether it was credited. i did this by calling them up n they said it has. when i called her up. she said she has called n they told her no! how can that be? i understand if there's an online error but how can we call up the same n after doing the same check, it's a diff answer???? she's obviousy lying.

                  n whenever i call with a diff no, she doesn't pick up. only when it's a private no. is she hiding or what?

                  i can't log onto flowerpod for some time already. but once i get thru, i will post her nick. anyway, she was trying to sell me the epoch marine mud mask for $20 n her uob acct no is 3*9-3*0-2*0-*. pls don't transfer money to this gal. meet up with her if u have to 'coz she really have some issues man. she asked to meet at cck i thought that was too far for me n she even asked for $1.60 for transport cost if i were to meet her there.(y should i pay for transport when i m the one travelling all the way there right??)

                  are there anyone here that wants to comment about not recieving payment before? if this possible? what happened in the end?

                  anyway, this gal sounded dubious at the beginning already. she raised the price by $2 without telling me why. then i asked her more about the pdt and she just kept saying other ppl wants it too, asked me to make up my mind immediately. then when i asked her how old is the pdt, she said a few months but i have found out now that the big tube(350g) is at least 6 months old. i thought that it was still cheap n gave her the benefit of the doubt and went ahead with the purchase.

                  sian man. $23 also wanna cheat. are they dirt poor or what? well, $23 for a lesson. not too bad.

                  i was thinking maybe we can blacklist these ppl in the forum n advise ppl to check with this list before they agree to transfer funds to these cheats!!! this can safeguard the other genuine sellers/buyers then. can we do that moderator?
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                    o one more thing to add about this gal, i recieved a sms sent wrongly by her on sunday. she asked another buyer to transfer some amt(like half the amount) to her bank acct first then pay the other half when meeting up.

                    maybe this is another of her ploy. so, do watch out for ppl like this!!

                    i just asked to meet her with both our bank statement to double check n she said she is sick of it n doesn't want to meet or contact me anymore.

                    so, she just ran off like that?

                    i saw this gal on friendster by doing a search on her email add.

                    [email protected] she's only 18, so young n wanna start a life of cheating!!!
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                      Hope it's not OT here.

                      Read from a US pschological article somewhere, most big time convicts start small when they were young.

                      For example macho sadists, they start torturing little animals like bunnies, hammies. As time pass, the crave for higher kicks sets in and they go for bigger animals. If the problem is not nibbed in the bud, the final and biggest victim will be human.

                      Same principle for cheats. They get a high each time they get away with it and the kick just gets bigger and bigger. Most think they can get away with it because they think certain conditions is in their favour e.g. young age, broken home, sob stories etc...
                      Hence the law will most likely to be lenient on them...

                      my 2 cents...


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                        WOW! eye & mind opening sharing over here.

                        I am not active in auction non in spree but i have a bad case to share.

                        When : abo 6 years ago

                        Seller : Me

                        Buyer : Lady J (not real name)

                        Item : LV Bag

                        Meetup Place : Carpark of an Elite School in town where her kid was studying (she was there to pick her)

                        Agreed Amt : S$ 550

                        Bargain to : S$ 480 (fine fine fine, since i made my way down from East)

                        Amt I Recvd : S$ 250 (Bundled Up w/ rubber band)

                        Getaway Method : Shoved me the bundle, asked me to count, threw the bag in her car & drove off w/ her 2 kids sitting at the back seats.

                        Sick Ending : She re-sold it at a higher price.

                        Well, there are people out there pulling such stunts daily so best is I stay away if possible.


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                          i m damn irritated by that little bi*** but i think ur case is worse vernis.

                          but what goes round comes round...


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                            Gosh Pills, what's her nick in FP?
                            That was really mean of her, especially the $1.60 transport fee part! :roll: I mean, that is SO UNREASONABLE!

                            And vernis, did you call that lady up to get the remaining amount? To think that someone who could afford a car couldn't afford an LV bag, and had to drive away hastily! :roll:


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                              That's really mean of that buyer! Hope all cheaters will sooner or later get their retribution soon!