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    miracle, what goes round indeed comes around!!!


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      Think she is still active in Y Auction, as i didn't have any concrete proof against her, i guess i was on the losing side. So rest my case & stopped visiting Y Auction.

      My friend also kana from her, during meetup, pressed price down down down, insulted her LV item till worthless. Said she need to pay to send for overhaul & change parts. Enjoyed a discount of a hundred bucks, then re-sell again w/o any touch-up. My friend only shared w/ me after the incident, i investigated abit, SAME BUYER!!!!

      Ooh sure!! Sure got retribution so we just wait.


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        eh PILLS!!! after reading what you wrote right, it SOUNDED A LOT LIKE MY SELLER ***!! the one whom i'm having problems with!! also asked for bank statements and all! and she also say me waste of her sms by keep on smsing her!! and the epoch marine mud you said for $23 sounds A LOT MORE LIKE HER! because i also bought that from her, already confirmed that i want but she never close aunction, then after that other people bidded and she expect me to pay more for it! of course i refused!! and the bank thing sounds the same like mine, only she didn't even bother to call up!

        she is a fp user right? mine is also! i can check using the uob account number you listed but i didnt keep the record, =( and my seller lives at cck too! this is getting so creepy now! and she also told me my mask is BN but i checked, it is USED! very pissed off. do you mind listing her user on fp here for all of us to see?

        i dont want to list yet in case its not the same person. and for the moment, i'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt, because i still want my items. just transferred some more money to her. she BETTER receive it ok! can post her user on fp here up for all of us to see if it's not too much to ask for?


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          Yeh! Let's pray hard those evil women get their retribution soon!


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            if u said she has 2 kids, she will kena retribution. this kinda mother how to teach the right values to the kids? kids won't grow up as pleasant ppl.

            anyway, i always believe in retribution. not only because it's karma but ppl ard u won't like *** u r doing eventually n just end up treating u badly as well.

            anyway, the bank has told me that i can write in to ask for a refund but they need her approval. so i guess there goes my $23!

            guess we should just all learn from this n be more careful in the future. no point wasting so much energy being angry with them.

            anyone here experience the same thing (be it being a seller or a buyer)

            isis, i will post her nick once i can log into fp.


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              Yes, keep us posted, serves as warning to all active users.

              Hope her car breaks down often enough & she can't breakeven from the money she "made"!!!


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                Vernis, poor you and friend!
                I guess the next time if you ever sell anything it'd be better to hold on to the item first, though it's quite impossible cos the buyer needs to check the item. Hmm. But what she did was ultimately ridiculous!

                Pills, okie I'm waiting for FP to come back up again.. Sigh. Really gotta warn Podders about her too! There are all sorts of sellers around! Sigh.


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                  Vernis, that woman is shameless!! And to think she did that in front of her kids!


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                    FP has revamped to register spree organisers like CC does. (details like a Tel number, name & address or bank number) & they need min 500 posts to start a spree.

                    Well there is still no way to prevent someone from posting loads of rubbish & one liners. & validity of tel number, etc.

                    Its always a game of chance - i only trust small amounts with new spree organisers & the bigging items with the regulars.

                    I suppose if we stick to regulars we should be quite safe. Mayzee actually started another nick in FP & when she was - she said hopitalised - she called up the moderators to inform them that she will have to cancel sprees under both nicks. Some have seen it as - what was she trying to do - using 2 nicks - on purpose to cheat? Well she did own up to the other nick as well.


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                      that gal's name is felice^maozzZ on fp. hp no. 93891*7* u have been warned!!!


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                        PILLS!! that IS my seller!

                        but i'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt. although i can get really pissed off at her sometimes, she stil does seem nice in a way. and i DID get my other stuffs from her, only that i have two more masks with her. however, she asked me to transfer 1.30 to her since this morning and i replied that i've transferred, till now, hasn't replied yet.

                        if this goes on i will not hesitate to take action anymore. pills, what do you intend to do?


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                          OMG Pills! That's my buyer!
                          There was once she wanted to get this top from me, and kept on asking me to meet her at Aljunied. I told her that I can't meet her there cos I'm at Tampines and then later on, she disappeared!

                          I can't really remember the details of the negotiations though.

                          Side note: I've met another bad buyer at FP, and several other people had bad experiences with her. She has since quit FP.


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                            Originally posted by starryx
                            PILLS!! that IS my seller!

                            but i'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt. although i can get really pissed off at her sometimes, she stil does seem nice in a way. and i DID get my other stuffs from her, only that i have two more masks with her. however, she asked me to transfer 1.30 to her since this morning and i replied that i've transferred, till now, hasn't replied yet.

                            if this goes on i will not hesitate to take action anymore. pills, what do you intend to do?
                            hey, i just went to fp to warn the ppl that r dealing w her.

                            she sold u the mud mask right? i saw on ur post. she quoted me $20 then changed n said add $2 for postage. i said ok. then she wanted $24 n when i asked her y the price diff (not that it's ex but u can't just change the price as n when u like after agreeing) she got irritated n said i can't expect her to pay for the postage n a lot of ppl want it too, i have to get me immediately. but she quoted $22 with postage initially!

                            i then asked whether it's the old or new packaging one n she just kept pushing me to pay pay n pay. in the end i paid 'coz $23 is really very cheap.

                            i just did a search on her n found that she posted $15 for the mask.

                            maybe i m the only suay one. i got irritated w her n told her to refund or i'll report to the polic n she said she reported me about nuisance calls to the police instead.

                            even told me that i may have to go down with my parents!!! o pls, she may be 18 but i m way above 20!!! i think she's still a kid.

                            there may be a mistake. i dunno what went wrong exactly but she just insist that she didn't recieve n now she isn't replying me at all. i ofered to travel to cck to verify her acct n she said no. said she is sick of everything n just MIA again.

                            i maintain the fact that she is a cheat 'coz y would she disagree to meet me at her place?? n she went all quiet, i had no choice but to sms her quite a few times then she accused me of nuisance sms n reported me to the police.

                            anyway, if there's a prob, i don't think this gal will resolve it. she sms me EVERYday since fri to collect payment but when i did a check last nite n inform her it's cleared, she just went all quiet. fishy right? i mean, if there's a genuine prob, would u behave this way or at least meet to resolve it, esp when u have nothing to hide? afterall, i m the one doing the travelling. n the bank verified so many times!!

                            she even told me "even the police said online buying at ur own risks" duh!!! that's her reasoning???

                            hope u get ur mask then.

                            i will make a report all the same. i m also writing in to the bank to ask them to help request a refund back from her. this is what the bank told me to do but it's subjected to her approval. so, i guess i won't see my money anymore..

                            i don't want this person to go round chearing ppl next time even though it's a petty sum. it's jus not right.

                            btw, is u guys really exprience her cheating u. i strongly urge u to go to the police 'coz i will be going after i settle with uob. one report won't have much effect. but if there's a few police report on this gal, at least she will be warned or soemthing.

                            starryx : can u let us know which auctino she operates in n what's her nick in it? thanx! =)
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                              hi Pills. i bought from her from fp. fp is up already? will go check. yes, she've been bombing me with smses asking when i transfer but now since i already transferred and sms her, she's gone all quiet. i dont think i'm ever going to see those masks anymore. why not you make a trip to her house? i MAY be going this friday even though its SO out of the way for me. i want what i paid for! and i tried to print out my bank statement via ibanking either. stupid printer no ink, cant print, now no proof! since i did 4/6 transactions with her via ibankin! i'm going to go mad already!!! looks like i have to make another trip down to the bank and ask them for my bank statement. hai. and you're older than her at least that helps in a way but i'm younger! dont think the police will listen to me at all. and dont wanna get my parents involved, hai.

                              looks like we arent the only ones being cheated here.. i'm not going to just let my 46dollars++ disappear to her just like that without reason. will be going down to the bank tomorrow to get my bank statement. and then i'm going to visit her at her house and SHOW HER THE PROOF. then get my money worth back from her. very angry at her right now! wanted to give her a second chance initially but looks like she's not appreciating it. and it seems to me that she's only a good buyer, but a HORRIBLE seller who CHEATS. hrmph!!! will someone please bring her to justice?!?!?! i've never come across these kind of transaction 'problems' before. FIRST TIME WITH HER. and she told me first time with me too! but now that pills, you've mentioned it, she's obviously lying.


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                                i don't have her add. do u have? if so, i would really love to go down man. we can go together if u want to.
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