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  • Ideal Age for Marriage

    What do u think is the ideal age to get married?
    for a guy, i reckon is about 28-29... or once he is financially stable...

    some may say as early as possible, so that kids age might not be too much a diff... eg. still schooling when u r going 2 retire...

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    for me,

    ideal: 26
    dream: 24


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      ideal-23-24 for ladies, 25-26 for men. Because I feel that it will be just right to see yr kids through school. And maybe able to see kids get married too. Otherwise, nowadays 30plus then pregnant or get married.....might be too late.

      as for me, i passed the ideal age! Worse, 2005 is a bad year for marriage! Just heard from my SO that its widow year :Doh:


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        I honestly feel that isn't such a thing as an ideal age. What matters more is whether you FEEL you are ready for something as big as marriage, and age is not much of a factor here.

        I can be 30 and still feel that I'm not ready to get married. Alternatively, I can be 20 and feel that I'm ready to a mother and wife.

        It all depends on the individual I guess...


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          I'm with jenine - an ideal age for one person may be very different from an ideal age for another. I think it just puts unnecessary pressure on singles to feel that they should be married by a particular age.

          i was engaged at 24 but was totally not ready for marriage so it didn't work out. and when i did marry at 30, it was perfect for me because i had done all the "me" things I had wanted and was really comfortable about the person I had become and the things I had achieved. From what i see from my friends, many of those who married too early (for them, not age-wise) spent years still trying to discover who they were, and oftentimes their partners didn't like the people that they finally settled into.


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            i agree with the above 2 comments, there is no 'right' or 'ideal' age for marriage, and to say that women have a sell-by date is unwarranted

            some women are prepared to be fulltime wives and/or mothers at a young age, others might want to focus on their careers and independence first, it all boils down to each individual's priorities.

            personally, i wouldnt' want to get married so early. i feel that i'm still maturing and learning how to be a calmer, more independent, less argumentative and more forgiving person. these are qualities that i feel are important in a marriage! or in any other relationship for that matter. and i'm already 23. i see lots of young couples always arguing over trivial matters, and relationships on the rocks due to miscommunication or rather, lack of communication, and unreasonable expectations. having been through these issues myself, i think i would rather wait till i am better able to handle relationships!

            plus, i'm focusing on my career first ..


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              Hi there, StyloMilo! Welcome to CC! Please do hop over to CozyLounge to Stick a post about yourself!

              Gajah: you so nailed it. My then-partner-in-life fell out of love with me for who I was (still am the same about a decade later). I have lotsa things to ask and say about this issue but I shan't go there now.


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                Well I'll be getting ROM in Feb...... I'm 25 (alright for gals) but my SO is only 22 turning 23 .....
                Too young? Ideal? Its a matter of maturity of the individual and how ready you are I guess ....
                NOW the Widow year's thing is scaring me ..... not counted if its not customary rite??


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                  I agree with the general sentiment of the replies. There is no such thing as an ideal age, and for me, I really believe in "fate". Cos with my previous bf, I never wanted to marry him and he never convinced me that marriage is something I want. He was okay with marriage, I was very anti-marriage. I remember telling him that I am sure I would get married but just not to him. He was also really horrible, but thats not nice to share with everyone who doesn't know me.

                  But with my then bf-now dh, I just knew early on in the r/s that he was the one I would marry and I was only 20 then (he's 3 yrs older) when we first started going out. Don't ask me how I knew, I also can't explain But he was the one (without doing much) that made me believe in the whole idea of marriage even though we didn't talk about it initially. We eventually got married when I was 24 and he was 27 and people still consider that a youngish age for a girl to be married. But we had been together for 4 years of ups-and-downs by then and I wasn't prepared to wait around like an idiot for something to happen

                  So there you go. Life happens when you least expect it!

                  p/s: I love the smileys!!! heeheee.


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                    Personally, I feel that the ideal time to even consider getting married would be when we have attained financial stability. I'm a practical person so even if I feel that I'm head over heels in love and I know that he's "the one", I would still wait til we both are financially stable in order to cope with the cost of the entire wedding and many other expenses that we would incur from living together such as bills, housing loan etc..


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                      Originally posted by Glossie
                      Hi there, StyloMilo! Welcome to CC! Please do hop over to CozyLounge to Stick a post about yourself!
                      Thx for the warm welcome...
                      Just went to Stick a post and posted a reply~


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                        Like most of the you, I think there's no "right" age to get married. Of cause, ideally I hope to get hitched by 30 but again, if I'm still not mentally & financially prepared then, I wouldn't.


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                          i used to think 27 for me. i'm nearing that age and i'm still not ready yet. from the looks of thing, the ideal age is probably 28 or 29.


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                            idea age then: 25/26
                            reality: 27

                            because I was still not ready for commitment at the age of 25.


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                              Originally posted by michannat
                              i used to think 27 for me. i'm nearing that age and i'm still not ready yet. from the looks of thing, the ideal age is probably 28 or 29.
                              woah. i'm nearing your 'ideal age' and i'm nowhere near ready.
                              revised ideal age - early 30's