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  • use of pacifier / dummy

    hi mums!

    need your help, i realised that my baby is now addicted to the pacifier, thanks to my MIL.... i was never an advocate for this so i am very night, baby cried so much for pacifier so i gave in but within seconds she dropped it and was i practically up the whole hour shoving it back into her mouth again and again. i could not take it and just let her cry herself to sleep...

    how to cure this? or shall i continue to give it to her...anyone can share?


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    Hi fresia,

    Can understand what u are going through. Must be traumatic! both my kids do take pacifier. The elder one has stopped taking it when he turned 2 and the younger one still ongoing. They are fine and not addictive.

    My thoughts:

    Since your baby has been introduced to pacifier and she has taken a liking to it, i don't see why u should not give it to her? Why let her go through such agonising moments? I do understand that some moms dont allow pacifier and to each his/her own. But like u said, thanks to your mil, she has already been introduced to it, so just let her take it? For me, i dont think i can stand all the crying and not letting her have it. So pitiful. Moreover, i dont see any harm to it..

    Somehow or another, they will wean it off themselves. Luckily, both my kids are not that addictive to it. They only take it when they are sleeping. Sometimes, they can even go to sleep without it. And i've known kids who reject pacifier when mom tried to offer it..

    But then again, it's really up to individuals. Different parents have diff parenting style... Good luck!


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      I agree with Cherie.

      My eldest stop using her pacifier at age 9 months old.
      My little one now still using it though she's already 1 y.o.... but I can see she's starting to not needing her pacifier.

      Both of my kids only use it during sleep time.
      So frankly I have no problem with pacifier.

      And fresia, you shouldn't need to worry too much. If your child is already, say 4y.o and still need a pacifier... then you should start to get worry.


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          Re: use of pacifier / dummy

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            Something to share. A friend of mine, her son doesnt take pacifier. Totally refused it. He sucks thumb instead. It got so bad, that when he was 6 months old, his whole thumb was peeling and bleeding too! I saw it with my own eyes. Scary! Looked really bad. Her son sucked it when he is sleeping and all the way till he wakes up.

            My friend decided to stop him from doing it, so she used handy plus to wrap his thumb and to let the thumb cure as well. For 3 weeks, he was crying and crying at night. Cry til sleep, then wake up cry again, and fall back to sleep. Whoa.. my friend lost 2kg instantly! The experience was really bad.. but luckily, after 3 weeks, he stopped looking for his thumb and was able to sleep peacefully again..

            Just sharing..


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                Agreed with Mel - sucking is a very comforting hand-mouth association for infants and even adults.. I have no problem with baby taking pacifier as it kinda calms him down and has this effect of making him feel more secure. Cos I imagine him coming from a comfortable place in our tummy to a whole new different environment. So I bought him his pacifier before he is born. Will wean him off hopefully before he turns one.

                Anyway, my baby has a character of his own. He will spilt out his pacific when does not wants it. So he is not addicate to it all the time! Plus he is a happy baby, pacifier is just a backup mean to make him feel secure and happy.


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                  Originally posted by [b]Medusa [/b

                  I just thought of something... using the breast for comfort (rather than food need), well, never heard any cases of infants having teeth problems from too much breast suckling. So that may be a preferred option for some people?
                  Ahhh.. sounds too familiar to me! Some mommy friends i know who are on total bfg, will always, without fail, annouced to me that breastfed babies will never have a need for pacifier whenever i offer pacifier to my child..

                  Yup, these mommies do offer their breasts for their children to suckle, for comfort


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                    My baby occassionally also takes pacifier. Actually I am not in favour of it because I read some articles that say the pacifier might affect the development of the baby teeth.

                    However, my nanny insist on giving it to her. Infact, she kind of trained her to take it. During the first 2 months when I took care of the baby on my own, my baby don't like pacifier at all.

                    But anyway, lucky my baby do not take it all the time. I hope she will wean from it on her own. She will take the pacifier out of her mouth on her own when she don't want, she also know how to put it in. It seems like a toy to her sometimes.

                    Like the rest of the mummies, I also find it very useful in comforting her, so I think pacifier is really issn't that bad. But, I sure hope that she will not depend on it for more than a year.


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                      Oooh, I'm one of those whose breasts have unintentionally become pacifier. Haiya, nowadays I'm never sure when baby's genuinely hungry or when she just wants a comfort suckle.

                      Sometimes when I sling her, she immediately turns her head to my breasts and her mouth opens in that "goldfish" manner, kinda embarrassing cuz so clear what she wants ... haha. Ppl usually laugh when they see it


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                        thanks for all your views on the use of pacifiers! very comforting to know that many of u support the use of it....just hope i don't have to wake up to shove the pacifier in the mouth so frequently!