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    Hi Cotters, may be I am a bit over paranoid. I suspect that a colleague might be having TB. He keeps coughing and recently he is on medical leave. I heard him telling another colleague that he has to take some vaccine.

    I would like to know whether can a healthy person gets infected if we come close to him?

    Anyone has any experience to share? A friend ever told me that there was once his classmate caught the virus and the whole class had to go for some screening and in the end they had to take medication for couple of months as a safety precaution.

    Does the BCG that we took in primary school helpful in fighting against the virus?

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    Yes, TB spreads through air provided he's a TB patient. You wouldn't know unless you ask him directly.

    The BCG is supposed to deter TB from infecting you as a child but I caught it when I was younger despite getting the vaccine. Now that you are an adult, I don't think it works. If you are so worried, maybe it's best that you consult a doctor instead.