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Extra Charges for Delivery to Higher Floors?

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  • Extra Charges for Delivery to Higher Floors?

    Hi All:

    I'm concerned about delivery charges for furniture to new flats (which tend to stretch up to 28 or 40 storeys high). Usually there are standard flat rates for delivery of furniture below a certain amount of purchase, no? But if let's say the guy has to deliver to high floors say 12th storey and above, will they charge extra because they have to take the stairs to such high levels (assuming the furniture cannot fit inside the lift)? TIA!

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    heard about this kind of "policy" overseas.
    however i reckon with more higher storey apartments, the same rule will apply

    maybe check with the furniture stores?
    i think for now, it is still the same one time charge


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      Ah.. Okay. 'Cause I have not shortlisted any furniture coys yet. But my fiance was saying that such a practice exists in SGP and I'm like :eh:

      Have called stores like SAFE and the likes and they're all saying they don't charge extra for every non-lift level.


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        Yes I have come across such a practice. I stay at a walk up apartment on the 2nd floor and some furniture retailers have tried to charge an extra $5 for going up one level (but I've managed to talk my way out of it so far). I guess it would depend on the shop, but its safer to check before you confirm the order, that way you're in a position to bargain.


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          Same here. But I've only experienced it for super heavy furniture, like a piano (which fits into a lift). For such, if they take extra care to move it, I think they deserve the extra $10 to $20 tip. Some of the furniture are really no joke!

          For new furniture or appliances delivered by the shop people, the charge is usually flat.