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Two vultures spotted flying over Orchard Rd

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  • Two vultures spotted flying over Orchard Rd

    Two vultures spotted flying over Orchard Rd
    By : Hasnita A. Majid, Channel NewsAsia
    Date : 09 Jan 2005 1801 hrs (GMT + 8hrs)

    SINGAPORE : Two vultures were spotted circling the Orchard Road area on Sunday.

    The huge birds were spotted flying above Tangs department store at about 9.30am, and later perched themselves on top of Four Seasons Park condominium.

    Mr Mark Danial and his family, who called ChannelNewsAsia, took the photos of the birds.

    A team from Jurong Bird Park was called in and tried to feed the birds, which appeared tired and weak.

    But several hours later, the pair flew away towards the Jurong and Clementi area.

    Vultures, one of the largest birds in the world with a wing span of up to four metres, are extremely rare and an endangered species.

    If anyone should spot the birds, do call the Channel NewsAsia Hotline at 68 2222 68. - CNA
    Did anyone see the two vultures at Orchard Road? I wonder where they flew in from. I hope they are fine!

  • #2 cool!


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      4 metres! wow, i would like to see that!


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        i saw a pair of really huge birds with brownish wings at sentosa on Sunday arounf 5-6pm. Wonder if they're the vultures!


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          They're not very pretty to look at and they feed on dead animals. Nevertheless, I would want to see them, especially here in Singapore! How cool! Majestic creatures, eagles too.


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            fusionx, actually they are kind of cute (haha) - I would rather not see them feast though! I went to the bird park a couple of weeks ago, and all the birds were soooo cute. I'm feeling a tad worried for the vultures. Really hope they are fine!

            elaine, did the birds look anything like the one in the picture?

            Tea, you want to see vultures right? Hehe, here's a pic!

            Taken at the Jurong Bird Park, 16 December 2004


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              wow...I think they are really beautiful birds actually


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                Cool. Maybe someone was keeping them illegally.


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                  Some pictures of the vultures at another forum (SgCollect):



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                    Call me silly, but I thought it the vultures were rather loving.. urmm like couple birds


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                      That is cool...


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                        pics are making me really want to see this rare sight!