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  • Bunnies!

    Any bunny lovers here? I used to have one but had to give him away as i had to go overseas .

    Isn't this one such a darling?

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    aaaaahhh!!! so cute & puffy...

    This is a darling. u know its owner?


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      Heheh i wish i did! He is someone's bunny on!


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        One clear message from this cutie : "dun buy anything w/ rabbit fur!!! :deal: "

        any intention to keep one soon? are rabbits/bunnies easy to keep? i have never kept one b4. my previous furry encounters are w/ hamsters, dogs & cat.

        can i ask a stupid but burning question, bunny professor?

        err.. do they make any noise? (Pardon me if this sound stupid to u)


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          I want to keep one again but i now travel quite a bit so it might be difficult..

          Bunnies are very easy to keep! Mine was toilet trained and used to do his business at the exact spot all the time in his cage! And he used to be able to roam freely around the house. They are quite clean animals, like cats, no smell at all. Of course you have to clear their litter everyday.

          They dont make any noises, only SOMETIMES, quite rarely really..when they are aggravated..they let out little grunts and stamp their feet when they feel 'danger' approaching or when their sharp ears catch any suspicious sounds. (Thats why the bunny in some cartoon is called 'thumper?' )

          I love netherland dwarfs with the droopy ears! They are really expensive,though, ranging between $300 and above sometimes. The one i used to have was a dutch bunny, cheaper breed. Hehe.

          U can check out this sg site for more info


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            where can we get nice healthy bunnies? any recommendations? I have a dog at home and was wondering if they mix well since I am not used to confine my pets to cages...I am worried by letting the bunny have the free run of my house, it will be frightened by my dog and my dog might hurt it as well...


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              Cel!!! Dogs i like. any colour, any size, any gender, as long as not ones, i am fine.

              My hubby also prefer furballs (bunny more furball'ish than dogs/cats IMO). but i have reservation. haha... they have their own cute ways to communicate, now i know.

              i can't stand white furballs as they have bloodshot eyes.

              like dogs, any species should be ok for us.


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                vernis!!! then you wont like my dog!! she is a JRT and she is damn fierce!! very protective of me and possessive.even my hubby cannot come near one!
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                  does yr JRT eat plastic bags, coins & dollar notes???


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                    she doesnt eat those but she loves chewing on them big time!! what came about that question eh??


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                      my good fren's JRT ate a couple of bags, the yucky part was the poor dog passed out 10% of the white plastic bag (given by doc to hold medicine ones) & my fren needed to pull out the rest!!!

                      ok, stick to Bunny Talk. or we get summon soon.


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                        I have a pet bunny, he's call Aloysious, a little darling in our house and we spoil him rotton so much so he has develop a bunny-attitude.

                        <img src=''>

                        <img src=''>
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                          Jewel: What breed is Aloysius? Any pics to share? So he's a house bunny? Free to run around all the time? :wow:


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                            Hey Amanda :wave:

                            My Aloy is the usual white fur rabbit with red eyes, I adopted him when his owner wanted to get rid of him and brought him home when he was a baby, he has been with me 7 yrs now.

                            He love his morning Gardenia bread and stamps his feet when he doesnt get it!


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                              saw Aloy's pix earlier.... not as freakish as i oways thot red-eyed rabbits are. He looks like he has got "ren xing".

                              i never know rabbits stamp their foot to sign signals, till i read here. OMG, me so suah-ku