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Creativity...Inborn or can be learn?

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  • Creativity...Inborn or can be learn?

    Hi do you cotters think creativity is inborn or and can be learned?
    At times when u need to write a birthday card, my friends can always draw things and decorate the card, filling up the empty spaces, for me i think i better just stick to writing, else i'm like destroying the card.

    Thinking of switching job to web designer, graphice designer etc, which i can mix IT with design so my job would be more interesting, but i find that i lack creativity. I cant come up with nice design, at most i can try to copy or replicate the design. Do you all think creativity can be learned? Thought of taking out classes in NAFA or LaSalle, but i wonder does this classes just introduce you to the various tools and to create nice design still depends on your own creativity?

    Any cotters working as a graphic designer, web designer, web master etc. Care to share your views, what is important in your job etc?

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    This is too ghostly!! I just discussed this topic with my friend over the MSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i saw this topic in MSN! i thought my friend had posted in here....

    I was telling my friend that i believe creativity can be learned. You can become MORE creative.but i guess different people has got different about that? haha

    The scenario you described about the bday card is so familiar. Me too experienced this difficulty so i deem myself as not creative at all. But i guess it's not true. Maybe we just have to put in more effort and thoughts than other people who are very at ease in trying to come up with creative ideas.

    During sec sch, i still can draw and design my own artwork under teacher's guidance. like designing a border for my english caligraphy work . But maybe i took a longer time to come up with design and i need to keep working on the design to improve its creativity? and i even got higher grades than those "i think they are more creative than me" classmates.... haha...others might come up with ideas easily...i guess this is the difference.....

    it can be nutured. IMOHO.
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      Hi nicole and cUppucino,
      feel somewhat encouraged after reading the posts

      hmm... creativity can be nutured... what about artistically creative? Maybe if you want me to come out with some ideas such as come out with a new game, i can do it. But in turns of designing, drawing i'm quite hopeless.

      Agree that if you take longer time to think and prepare, you might come up with something good. Hmm.... but for me, i will be flipping through books, magazine, web pages sourcing for ideas. Some how i feel that the end product cant be consider as original, cos i'm taking ideas from others.


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        when you are flipping through books and ideas, you are practising along the cannot expect creativity to come to you just like that~ many artists when they 1st started out they also look up to artworks of their particular fave artist...

        depends on how you define creative. As long as its not copied directly and even if you have mixed in the ideas and it works. That's creative IMO. haha....

        and don't stress yourself too are thinking along this line because u are anxious and hope to proceed fast...but i must say...takes time girl.....

        as for ART itself like you can't draw, this can be learnt. once u learnt how to draw, u'll able to put together ideas and create your own artwork piece....HTHs

        above just my personal feeling on long as you don't be a real copycat, other's will appreciate your work....

        and also failure is the mother to success! don't be afraid to learn and day you will reach it...


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          Originally posted by nicole

          The ability to access innate creativity is a natural gift for some people, but it is a learned skill for others.

          The point is, creativity can be cultivated in a variety of ways. But being creative is not something you can read about in a book and master in an hour. You have to be in the right frame of mind, and you have to know what works best to make your creative juices flow.
          i totally agree with these statements especially!


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            Originally posted by xyli
            Some how i feel that the end product cant be consider as original, cos i'm taking ideas from others.
            It is considered your own design if you don't blatantly copy everything. Once I found a telco company in Turkey using my website design but they didn't even bother to change author name in the source code and all layout, colors, etc are exactly the same That is wrong and unethical.

            You can, however, combine ideas from many sources and add your own 'twist' to it. Go to several sites that you think are good and study why you like them. Then you should find it easier to formulate a combination of your own. To me, that still counts as creativity


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              i really hope creativity can be cultivated.

              saw an astrologer once and she believes that i've a creative side. from what i know, i'm not creative at all. most of my family members (cousins and older relatives included) are very artistic or musically inclined. hopefully, that creative side can be explored

              xyli, don't be stressed about borrowing ideas from other people. i look at it as a learning process.


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                cotters for your encouragement.... really appreciated...