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101 reasons to reject a lunch

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  • 101 reasons to reject a lunch

    Helping my sister to get more reasons for rejecting an offer to dine with her colleagues for lunch.

    Situation: The boss' sister always make lunch for her staff and kept inviting my sister for lunch. My sister's supervisor has warned her not to dine with the boss' sister. Till now, my sister has not dine with her and she has run out of reasons. Also, the boss' sister always play politics and backstab my sister performance. But her supervisor do not think her performance is bad and also help to speak on her behalf.

    Qn: What reason(s) will you come up with to reject the offer?

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    errr this is hard

    actually i rather not offend the petty sort and hope to stay out of such politics

    i probably go for one lunch and then said i have to go for gym classes during lunch from then on!

    - else make up an excuse that you have to source some books/ stuff for a friend's wedding preparations

    that might keep her off for a while


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      says she on a diet, prefer to make her own lunch etc n go off somewhere far where she won't be caught! hehe...


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        Be a mock Vegetarian who only eat mock animals can?


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          vernis, you are funny!

          For me, I always flash a big smile and said, "not today" & continue to act busy.

          I think one day, the boss' sister should get the hint.


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            the boss' sister is so "one kind". i might oblige once and then not go ever again.

            maybe tell her that i pack my own lunch or i got to meet my bf for lunch as he would specifically come all the way to my workpalce to meet up.


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              yah, the friend excuse is good.

              say meeting a gd friend who works nearby everyday.

              n if she even bump into her alone, say that friend cacelled last min due to work or something. hehehe...


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                I've got one she can use EVERYDAY:

                "I always lunch with my bf!"

                If asked to bring bf along,

                "My bf is very shy one! he prefers 'er ren shi jie!' "

                eh, hope your sister really have a bf or hubby though


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                  hmm... wierd situation.

                  I obviously don't have the full information, but based on these facts alone, if i were in your sister's position, i would appreciate the warning from the supe, but I'd also go for one lunch at least with an open (but cautious) mind to give the boss' sister a chance. Everyone has their own agenda, and i wonder if the supervisor's is totally altruistic? Also, sometimes a person's reputation is undeserved.

                  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?


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                    If what her supervisor said is true, then it is really not advisable for your sis to go lunch with boss's sis alone. What about asking boss's sis to ask boss and supervisor along for lunch? Having a group lunch should be "safer" right? And your sis is "giving the boss's sis face" by obliging this way.


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                      If my sis joins in for lunch then it will be forever. She was warned by her supervisor saying that he would not be able to help her if she joins in once. I don't know what's the hidden agenda behind this. It's better to be safe than sorry. Since supervisor has already warned her so, i think it's best for her not to dine with any of the boss' relatives (they work in the company).

                      The boss sis also comment "you are willingly to fork out $2 a meal to dine outside rather than my in-house cooking yeah". :roll:


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                        She gives me the creeps. *hair stands* :bore:


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                          The excuses she used so far:

                          - Going out with supervisor to site. (the *best* excuse)
                          - Oh, I have already done the takeway!

                          - Or sneak out before the boss sis appears


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                            - Already have another lunch date, with friends,bfs, ex-colleagues, ex schoolmates, relatives, cousins.

                            - I've already brought my own lunch


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                              I agree. maybe the supervisor has an agenda after all. did she tell your sis why she/he was so against her joining the boss sister for lunch??