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Want to buy a garment steamer, any recommendation?

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  • Want to buy a garment steamer, any recommendation?

    I would like to buy a garment steamer, and would like to know your experience and feedback with various brands/ models and the price.

    Anyone tried Hyundai HYGS-2060 Garment Steamer? I saw Groupon having a promotion now at $49, but I'm very skeptical about this kind of deals as they usually sell crappy things. My bf bought a Akai steamer from Groupon before and it broke the first time I used it.

    Thank you!

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    I'm not so clear, but you may go here to seek for it


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      Hmm, no suggestions? I'm still thinking if I should buy the Hyundai HYGS-2060 Garment Steamer.


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        haha, I'm sorry that I cannot give you any good suggestion. But just go ahead if you wanna buy Hyundai HYGS-2060 Garment Steamer!
        I recommended to you this site " Hihomedecor - Professional Online Store for Idea Home Decor, Area Rugs, Decorative Accessories " just because it is home decor and home & garden related online site... ^-^
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          Want to buy a garment steamer, any recommendation?

          I hear novita brand garment steamer is good


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            No Idea sorry!!!


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              Brand new Novita's Simplis SS12 Garment Steamer is selling for S$150. I got it as a gift and everything is still in the box. Retail price is S$200.

              PS. I took the photo from the internet for your easy recognition of the steamer.
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