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Best Microsoft Training Center?

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  • Best Microsoft Training Center?

    The Best Microsoft Training Center. any recommendations?

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    Originally posted by JonNicole
    Not BMC, I taught there. :-) No, I'm not the problem.

    Why do you need Microsoft training? For Word, Excel and such? Did you know you learn faster from books you borrow in libraries? Not from teachers in schools?
    Unless I'm the one teaching, of course. :-) The reason I quit BMC was because they didn't let me teach students 100%. They wanted to limit the syllables to "what the other teachers can teach". It's not my fault they have terrible teachers. My students all get A's for LCCI exams. Other teachers' students talk about "hope can pass". (BMC is a family business, and most teachers are family members. You get the picture. )

    Anyway, my real job is teaching USA English. Your English sounds like that in the movies, after training for just 45 hours. :-)

    Seriously, about the Microsoft Training Center, they just make good money off of people who have no time to read. If you're not earning 8-10K per month as a top-end executive with no free time on your hands, you should just borrow books. Private schools are actually 奢饰品 (luxury goods). Unless you use a teacher like me, who is (according to BMC) "bad for business" because my conscience is too straight: I tend to teach the students everything they need.

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    Did you upload any type of teaching video. Please share the site. I also wanna learn it.


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      Originally posted by MedonaJames View Post
      Did you upload any type of teaching video. Please share the site. I also wanna learn it.
      Not yet. Don't earn much from teaching Microsoft Office, really. The student profiles usually 'N' level or below.

      What you can do is to set up this business yourself! Gather market research. Find out how many 'N' level or below (or even CEOs from SMEs) wanna learn Microsoft Office. Then we partner up. I'll upload online lessons, and start charging for the lessons. You'll manage market research and sales (aka CEO of your own company).

      By the way, it takes just $30 per year to have your own company. I'll show you how. And 1 last but important advice. Don't look at your own academic certs and decide you can't do business. I know people who have only PSLE certs, and they earn more than me! ($40K per month).


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        Good experiece at this Computer School

        My company sent me and a couple of colleagues to Genetics Computer School to improve our Microsoft Access & Microsoft Excel skills

        They have been around for a long time for a long time thanks to their group of skilled adult trainers.

        My colleagues and I had the pleasure of being taught this trainer: Mr Mel Chia Who is a really professional, knowledgeable & helpful person.

        As we were a group with a wide age range 20 - 50+year olds.

        Not only does he have to keep the class fun, lively and interesting. He also took the trouble to zoom-in the wordings and icons on the screen. Explain,explain and re-explain the steps and icons to my "not so computer savvy" group of "elder" colleagues.

        Plus on top of the information given in the ICDL books. He went the extra mile and meticulously prepared notes with charts; "extra free of charge" tips for us to make better use of the software in our office

        I would recommend anyone who has a keen interest to upgrade your computer skills there.
        This is their website: Genetic Computer School - Home in case anyone needs