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  • Housing/Mortgage Loans Help Needed?

    Hi Girls,

    I understand that alot of people have been looking out for properties. As i specialize in mortgage loans with one of the local banks in SG, do let drop me a pm or email: [email protected] if you have any enquiries on your loan eligibility or rates all kinds of properties!

    If you girls have any questions on mortgage loans before purchasing the property of your dreams, you can also share your questions in this thread!!

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    I'm looking to refiance the home loan I took some years back, and a few friends suggested posb home refiance loan package as it's pegged to the cpf rates. Seeing as how the cpf rates have been quite consistent over the years, do you think I should go with posb or go with a fixed rate?


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      News reported few months ago that CPF rates are on the rise to perhaps 3%, so it might not be a good idea to go with a plan that pegs itself to CPF. I believe you should opt for a SIBOR plan instead, there are more rooms for negotiations and rates are still fluctuating at their low points, do ask if they provide one time free conversion. Fixed rates are just out of the question.


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        Thanks Andre! Just a quick update..i went with DBS/POSB in the end for my home mortgage. So it all worked out well in the end.


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          hi guys
          you can find all sorts of guide to loans on Video Guide Singapore


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            I went to the bank and inquired this, if you have work permit and a proper salary, you can get loan and buy some real estate.

            Basically, u can get loan up to 3 times your yearly salary, but it's also case by case.

            Mortgage advice