Hey all, this is my first post here so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here.

I'd just like to share with you guys the benefits of Bird's Nest I've been taking for some time now. We all know that bird's nest is quite expensive and I've never really believed in eating such expensive food everyday, but after suffering from bad skin throughout my teenage years I've decided to take a leap of faith and try out the so-called "beauty foods".

To my surprise, Bird's Nest really does work as they said it would! I received a two month supply as a gift from my family. They bought me a local brand Bird Nest called Shen Yan Zhuang 参燕庄. They have two branches, one at MBS ShinChong and one in Jurong Point.

The best thing about Shen Yan Zhuang bird's nest is that it's concentrated and practically the whole bottle is filled with bird's nest! You literally have to scoop up the bird's nest to eat it and not just slurp it up like some other bird's nest brands. Pretty worth my money, I'd say.

But I digress. My skin condition improved visably just after 2 weeks of having the bird's nest daily. My skin was less oily and looks brighter, reducing my pimple scars and my long-time battle with acne. I also feel much healthier and energetic when going to work everyday. It's not a 180 degree change, but it is obvious enough for me to realise it. But obviously eating just bird's nest is not enough, you gotta control your diet and lay off those oily foods! :D

So I hope to share this with all the ladies out there: don't diss the bird's nest! If you think it's too expensive to get, I've just found out about a discount deal they're having with a particular deal site over here. Good for people who just want to test it out! Try it and you'll look and feel different.