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SMA Murdoch University Textbooks for sale

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  • SMA Murdoch University Textbooks for sale

    Here are the textbooks which helped ace modules with Distinction.
    Pictures are available at

    Please email [email protected] for fast deal.

    Original Textbooks
    1. Integrated Marketing Communications 3rd Asia Pacific Edition, 2012, William Chitty. Nigel Barker, Michael Velos, Rerence A. Shimp, Cengage Learning
    Selling at $50 (Textbook)

    2. MCC240 Politics, Journalism and Society The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople should know and the Public should expect. Kovach Bill & Rosenstiel Tom 2007, Three Rivers Press

    Selling at $10 (Book)

    3. Marketing Research: Asia Pacific Edition , 2nd edition, Cengage Learning Zikmund W. G., D’Alessandro, S., Winzar H., Lowe, B. and Babin B. J. (2011)

    Textbook for SMa, Murdoch University students.

    Selling at $40 (Textbook)

    4. Research Methods For Media and Communication, 2009, Niranjala Weerakkody, Oxford

    Selling at $30 (Textbook)


    5. MCC236 Media Audiences and the Public reader $20(Photocopied)

    6. BUS 321 International Marketing
    International Marketing - Asia Pacific Edition , Czinkota, M., Ronkainen, I., Sutton-Brady, C., Beal, T. (200, 1st Asia Pacific, Thomson Learning
    Selling $20 (Photocopied)

    7. The Journalist’s Guide to Media Law 3rd Edition, Mark Pearson
    Selling at $20 (Photocopied)

    8. BUS273 Consumer Behaviour
    Consumer Behaviour, 4th edition Shiffman Leon et al 2008, Prentice Hall
    Selling at $20