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  • Need your opinion :)

    I am studying CAT last two paper in SAA and considering to change my course to Accounting and Finance in Kaplan instead of ACCA in SAA.
    I am not sure this decision is right or not.

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    Go for it. I think kaplan is more recognized, and banking and finance degrees are generally more accepted by banks. As opposed to CAT/ACCA which means you will be fighting with NTU/NUS/SMU students who also did accounting etc ... finance people also generally earn more than accountancy ones! (disclaimer: i said GENERALLY)


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      These are my personal thoughts, and you may disagree...

      1) If you are doing ACCA, it really doesn't matter whether it's Kaplan or SAA. Your cert is from ACCA and not from those schools. You simply just attend classes there.

      2) Kaplan degree, depends on which uni. Most of them are Murdoch. No offence to those taking degree under Kaplan, but I feel that ACCA is much more recognized. If not, you can challenge yourself to CFA if you are into finance.

      3) ACCA is a professional Cert, while NTU/SMU/NUS is academic cert. Both of them have their strength and weaknesses, and I don't feel that a person with ACCA will have a disadvantage against those from local uni. Ultimately, all Accountants are aiming to become a CPA, and both routes will lead you to the same CPA.

      4) If you really want to get a private degree, I would say go for one from SIM instead? Like UOL or RMIT?
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        Hi, I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. I plan to study ACCA course in Singapore next year, January. I am in a dilemma choosing between KAPLAN and SAA-GE college.

        Which is better actually in concern for my future career? quality of teachers, quality of students, location, environment, facilities, ranking? Does employer bother which college you go to take for ACCA?

        I know that both of them are Platinum Approved Provider. However, I searched from Singapore forum that some of the good lecturers from KAPLAN went to LSBF already. Can KAPLAN still maintain their standard although good lecturers have gone?

        On the other hand, SAA-GE has more good and experienced lecturers, however the ranking of SAA-GE is kind of low if compared to KAPLAN which is Top 5 best private college. Still curious about this fact actually...

        Which will be the deciding factors for now?