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Bus Driver Very Rude 2 Old Woman Who Had No Money 2 Pay Fare

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  • Bus Driver Very Rude 2 Old Woman Who Had No Money 2 Pay Fare

    Saturday I was on bus 145 going towards the National library direction at around 3.25pm.
    The bus was very crowded. Suddenly the very young bus driver turned towards the passengers and very rudely, arrogantly told a old woman ''Hey you did not pay'' I tell you, the way he spoke was so mean and very obviously trying to embarrass her.
    The old lady then then 'sorry i don't have any money, I will get off the bus'
    I then went to her, told her not to get down and passed her small bit of money for her expenses, then I went to the bus driver and asked him how much to pay, he very very rudely told me how would he know, so I just put in 2.50 to shut him up. I took the bus ticket and passed to the old woman.
    Please do not mistaken, I understand he has every right to ask someone who did not pay the fare to leave the bus BUT DOES HE HAVE TO ACT THE WAY HE DID???????????? One day he will get old too!

    Bus: 145 SBS 5181D
    Date: 18-Aug-2012

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    sadly, the newer bus drivers are nt as friendly as the old ones. they just give u the look 'do not ask me any questions' expressions. and the driver must be stupid ***...dun know how much to pay....


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      good one yamyam
      shame on the bus driver for being mean...he should have been a little more tactful.
      even if he's"just doing his job"