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  • Perth

    Hi ladies, i am going to Perth next yr Feb and i realize that they are having summer season. will the weather be hot like in Singapore now?

    anyone have any suggestion what to shop or any itinerary? i am going for 7 days trip. please help me...

    thank a lot!

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    I was in Perth in June - self-drive. Got my car from Hertz at the airport. Had requested for GPS and it took us a while to figure it out. Although the GPS system was not as smart as those in Japan, where you only need key in the tel. no. to locate a place, it did help to guide me to the area, although not always exact.

    It was a very last minute trip, where my hubby & I (and 2 kids) decided to go Perth that noon and flew off that night! Managed to do my bookings of flight, car rental & accommodation in half a day.

    I hardly spent much time in Perth as this was my 3rd trip - can't remember much of the first two. This time we travelled to
    1) Perth City - King's Park, Hay Street, Caversham Wildlife Park

    2) Fremantle - Time to visit it during the weekend to experience the Weekend Market!
    Must try: Fish & Chips @ any of the seafood restaurants at Mews Rd - ate at Kailis' Fish Market Cafe.
    Must try: Sticky date pudding @ Little Creatures Brewery at Mews Rd. Food is very delicious over there

    3) New Norcia, the only monastic town in Perth. A quaint, small town - for some peace & quiet time.
    They have a small hotel owned by the monks. In fact they govern the little town, and make their own produce. Favourite is their Nutcake & Beer.

    4) 2D1N Bindoon Windmill Farmstay @ Chittering Valley, Bindoon Perth Australian Farmstay - Bindoon's Windmill Farm - Australia
    Happened to be driving around to look for a farmstay and found this! Small cozy farm owned by Australians, Milton & Joan, who are very warm and gave us
    sumptuous & delicious food. Glad I stayed here, rather than those owned by Singaporeans.

    5) Swan Valley - Go for free wine tasting in one of the wineries. Had been recommended to go to Houghton Winery & Cafe, but they were not open on that Monday. Hence, we went to Oakover Wines next door. Quiet place with very helpful & friendly staff. We were stuck there for another hour as we accidentally left the car key in the boot, and the staff there helped us call for help from Hertz. The emergency truck came in less than half an hr!

    4) Mandurah - Dolphin Quay (we actually see dolphins from our apartment in Quality Suites Crest Mandurah, overlooking the marina)

    5) Albany - Must see: the Blowholes, the Gap.
    Actually met the cyclonic winds that night, but we were very safe in the villa @ Big4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park. Wonderful place to stay in.

    6) Pemberton - Valley of the Giants: Tree Top Walk
    Must try: Fresh Marron (little lobster).
    We found this very cheap farm selling it : Forest Fresh Marron. Cost us only A$50 for 6 freshwater marrons, but A$30 for half of a cooked dish
    at Millhouse Cafe. All packed in ice box to bring them back to cook at the apartment in Margaret River.
    Forest Fresh - Home

    7) Margaret River - Cape Leeuwin
    - Olive Farm, Venison Farm

    Bunbury - like this quaint & small seaside town. Loved the interesting shops here too.

    As we drove, we stopped at other towns too like Busselton and Denmark. We made sure we take breaks in at least every 2 hours. Anyway, the smart car system & GPS will beep constantly & prompt you to stop for rest every 2 hours.


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      Nice Cassia....u did a good job with this reply