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Travelling during pregnancy

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  • Travelling during pregnancy

    Hi all
    I'm in my early stage of pregnancy. Is it advisable to travel as I have booked a tour package last month without knowing it

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    First of all, Congratulations! :preggie:

    How far along are you? I think most airlines don't let you travel from around 30 weeks. Better check with your airline.

    I think travelling is fine as long as you're not doing adventure holidays. Just remember you might feel tired more easily, and make sure you take lots of fluid to prevent dehydration. Also, you might wanna check with your gynae if you need any vaccination. That's all I can think of right now. I'll add on more if I can think of anything else.


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      i know of people who have done so and so far have not heard of any problems. i think only when you are in late stage of pregnancy then the airlines might not allow you to board the plane but first two trimesters are ok with them.

      i think you shld check with your gynae first though... just in case


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        I read that it's not advisable for pregnant ladies to travel in their first and third trimesters and that the best time to travel is in the second trimester. If you're still in the very early stage of pregnancy, you might want to check with you gynae to see if it's safe.


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          Actually I travel to Japan in my critical 5th week pregnancy as I only knew about it after tested postive just 4 days before departure.. Gynae kinda discourage me to go as I had a previous MC but I am looking forward to this trip eagerly and knowing that I am unable to get any refund - I went ahead. :p

          Boy, was I tired out. Although I enjoyed my trip very much with darling hubby. (He ended having to carry 90% of our luggage and lost some weight eventually. :roll: - poor thing)..

          My advice is like what the ladies mentioned - check with your gynae. My gynae actually gave some some medication to stablise my pregnancy so that is something I think is very IMPORTANT! Ask for it from your gynae!


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            thanks all mums for your advice
            i'm into my 6 weeks. Will be travelling to Bangkok on 20.2.05.
            Shall check with my gynae tomorrow


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              Just back from 1st check-up.Gynae does not advise travelling.Looks like I have to forgo my refund
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                sorry I heard of not traveling during 3rd trimester but never heard 1st trimester also not allow to travel...

                acidica travel during her 5th week but its still safe right? :huh:

                snowy, why your gynae don't allow you to travel as you are already 6th week.


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                  I would think majority gyneas would discourage it for safety reason.

                  I had to cancel also my travelling plan after consultation during my 1st pregnancy. I was at my 1st trimester then.

                  In my 2nd pregnancy, I travelled to Genting at my late 3rd trimester. I didn't consult doctor then told him only that I'll not be in SG, so it's pretty much going at my own risk. Everything was fine, just couldn't walk for long period.

                  Most airline and cruises would not accept boarding of ladies who are 6 months pregnant onwards. I think this is to prevent cases of premature birth in air or in sea where clinical assitance is limited or none at all.

                  I remember not too long ago, a China lady (IIRC) lied about the number of months she was pregnant and ended up having her labour in the plane and the plane had to make an emergency landing in some other city. Thank goodness for her there were doctors travelling at that time.
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                    First trimester is when there is most risk of miscarriage, hence it is advised not to travel during this time.


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                      Originally posted by cc_lia
                      acidica travel during her 5th week but its still safe right? :huh:
                      Hi cc_lia, my Japan trip during my 5th week was VERY tiring cos there was alot of walking and normally if you are in your 1st tri - you would already be tired out easily. My words of advice is be very careful, do not carry heavy stuff (leave it to someone else). You will not have much of a appetite then. (by the end of my trip, I want to puke when I walked by a Bento shop) Becos of many reasons, may not be wise to travel during 1st tri. Like what GG said, you are going on your own risk.

                      I remember a preggie friend of my colleague was hit by a bicycle in China and hence suffered a MC. Quite a sad case..


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                        oic...because my good friend went holiday when she was in her 1st trimester too think about 3 months pregnant so I thought traveling in 1st & 2nd trimester should be alright.


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                          my gynae said its still unstable, that's why cant travel, but luckily the travel agency managed to sell off my package,my loss only $100 but now even i'm into my 3rd month, hubby also dun allow me to travel


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                            Don't be sad snow_white, your hubby is showing concern for you & your little one. Better to be safe than sorry.
                            If travelling out of Singapore is out of the question , why dont you go Sentosa for a nice relaxing retreat with hubby ?
                            Stay happy & cheery.


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                              Thanks poem for your concern
                              Guess I have to wait till next year to travel