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  • Pre-schools

    Dear mommies,

    Been looking all over for a suitable preschools for my coming 3 year old son next year.

    Quite determine to send him to one which is non -airconditioned and one that is a landed property with their own garden and playground. However, those that are near to my house are confined, no grounds to run etc.. at a void deck.

    Really headache.. *sigh* There are landed property ones but kinda far, if he were to take a school bus, i guess it'll be half hour in the bus one way?

    Also am worried if were to send him to a air con school, he'll get sick often, and pass to his baby bro too! Experienced that before, really scared the cat out of me! Had virus infection, lasted for more than a month with super high fever and non-stop cough.

    Which one should i go for? Mommies with toddlers or pre-schoolers, how do u make your choice?

    Help! :huh:

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    Hi Cherie,

    I pm-ed you. Give me a call if you are free.

    I just would like to point out that children who go to childcare/pre-school, be it air conditioned or non airn conditioned, will all fall sick in the first 6 months or so. This is beacuse germs are everywhere and when there are many children in one place, these germs will be spread even faster. As the environment is new to your child, he will be exposed to a greater variety of germs and bacteria.

    I used to work in an non airconditioned school, and children there also fall sick with thick yellow mucus all the time too. So, if you are sending your child to a pre-school, you have to be prepared for the falling sick part. It is inevitable.

    However, all is not lost. Your son is 3 right? At that age, their immune systems are stronger and can withstand germs better. You have check with the school if they encourage children to always wash their hands WITH soap before a meal, and after playing. Washing hands with soap is very important in preventing the spread of virus and hand foot mouth disease.

    Also check how often the children are allowed outdoors. Some schools only have outdoor play on selected days. Children need to play outside in the sun everyday (unless its raining of course), it's good for developing their motor skills and their systems.

    Check the school's menu too. See if they have REAL fish and chicken in the menu, not fishcake and chicken nuggets. Some schools, especially the void deck and franchaise ones, give out rice with slivers of fishcake or small pieces of chicken only. This is so terrible, there is hardly enough nutrition for the child.

    Lastly, check the teacher-child ratio. For 3 year olds, it is best to have 2 teachers to 12 children.

    Hope the above information helps. I can't reccomend any names here, give me a call if you like to know more.


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      Thanks tinkerbell

      The information is really helpful..

      Now i know what to look out for besides what the norm stuff that books/magazine points out..


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        Child care/ Playgrp/ Pre K

        Anyone has recommendations for the abovemention? My daughter is turning 2 and I would like to start play-based learning for her soon, she took zoo-phonics and JG when she was younger and now it's time to move on.