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Services/food you wish were available in SG

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  • Services/food you wish were available in SG

    Are there any retail stores, restaurants or sevices which you really want or need, but couldn't find any or are little in the market of Singapore?

    I really hope there are more pets restaurants for me and my furkid to have our meal together. Or, a pets retail shopping centre where owners are allowed to bring their furkid in to shop with them. And yes, how nice if they bring in Victoria secret and ambercrombie to singapore as well.

    For service, can't think of any yet.

    What do you all think?

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    *More take-out/ delievery options, esp like Philly Cheese Steak. Local food would be even better!

    *Tocca candles!
    *Urban Decay. Or better yet, the whole Sephora! lol.


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      for m/u, this was the list from last year.....

      everywhere else, just not in SG....


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        Thanks Vix!


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          I would definitely love to find restaurants that can come out with interesting and yummy recipes, and only served healthy and nourishing food for skin.

          What about service that are unavailable in singapore market?


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            Krispy Kreme donuts!!!


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              elaine, had a go at it when i was in sydney

              too sweet and seriously nothing to rave about!


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                ditto Elaine, gimme MORE donuts!! dunkin' donuts also can, but not M'sia standard please....


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                  Do we have a shop specially catered for left-handed people? I remember distinctly about one such shop in Covent Garden, Britain. Back in 1989-90.


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                    A & W
                    i miss it badly!


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                      Originally posted by natnatviv
                      elaine, had a go at it when i was in sydney

                      too sweet and seriously nothing to rave about!
                      I know many find it too sweet but i simply love it!!!! I'm a die-hard sweet tooth


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                        Glossie, another fellow lefties??


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                          Hee hee.. no I'm a rightie, Caramel But I can write quite legibly with my left hand!

                          Viv, I miss A&W too! Waffles and root beer float!


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                            Cheaper Western-styled vegetarian food. There are some restaurants here and there, but so expensive!


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                              I grew up on A&W so when it disappeared slowly, I was really damn sad. Now that I'm home in KL I can't get enough of the curly fries, the ice-cream rootbeer float, the yummy oily friend chicken, the buttery waffles.... OMG I love A&W!!! Singapore bring it back!!!

                              But I think its coz sales are dropping here. In Malaysia sales soared by 18% last year so they are opening MORE A&Ws again

                              Mcd's Fries cannot beat A&W.. hehe

                              I wish there were more authentic Vietnamese food! The ones here are quite sucky..