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All-in-one Solutions to Most Common Health Problems?

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    Cozy Rookie

  • ssemaj
    i believe staying healthy is the solution to most common health problems. And a lot of this is attributed to your body's organ fats - fats that surround your major organs like heart. You won't be able to detect if you have high organ fats (the lower the better) unless you do a fats scan.

    I previously took a 3mths program which combines supplements (not slimming pills or those pills with side effects!) and the right approach to good eating habits. Improved tremendously on my health. My dad and sister took it too. This program basically resets your body's metabolism and adjusts your body systems all over again so it ensures you don't get those weight rebound and the improved body condition stays that way after the program. Don't want to write too long here, PM me if you want to know more!

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  • ltp0510
    Cozy Rookie

  • All-in-one Solutions to Most Common Health Problems?

    Hi everyone,

    I am an athlete and do marathons every month. But my running hasn't been improving due to health problems. I have been suffering from several problems like prolonged aches and pains (which I initially thought was because of my intensive running), bloatedness, indigestion, constipation and lethargy for many years until I was advised to go for the detox treatment. I see tremendous improvement in my wellness and so do my family members and friends who have tried. This is really amazing so would like to share with everyone as I am sure many people are having the same problems. It's good for both men and women.

    I had my detox sessions done after work at Living Wellness, you can visit this website for more information:
    Welcome to Living Wellness

    From my personal experience, I have tried their following programs:
    Colon hydrotherapy for colon detox
    Coffee Enema for liver detox

    I was told that cancer patients have their detox sessions their too.

    They also provide the whole range of Dr. Lincoln’s medical skincare products! Really suit my needs because the toxic stored in my body gave bad facial skin condition.

    If you have other methods to improve the problems mentioned, please share with me!
    Good things should be shared around