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Chinese avoid weddings in Year of the Rooster

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  • Chinese avoid weddings in Year of the Rooster

    My dad pointed this article out to me today...

    BEIJING (Reuters) - Couples across China are rushing to get married in the next few days before the Year of the Rooster, chickening out of what they believe to be a jinxed time to tie wed.

    This year the lunar cycle begins relatively late, on Feb. 9, which means it will not contain "lichun," the auspicious day that marks the start of spring, earning it the dubious distinction of being a "widow year," or unlucky for wedlock.

    Chinese media have reported that marriage registrations are soaring around the country as people scramble to get hitched in the last days of the Year of the Monkey.

    "Business is normally low for us this time of year, but this year, in keeping with traditional Chinese beliefs, many people want to get married before the spring festival and we have lots of customers," said Ms. Wang, manager of Beijing's Luowei wedding photo studio.

    The phenomenon normally occurs on average about every nine years. The last "widow" year came in 2002 and sparked a similar marriage rush.

    "Though the 'widow year' is nonsense, the fact that people try to avoid it reflects their strong desire for a happy marriage," Zhang Youde, a sociologist at Shanghai University, was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

    Respect of tradition also appears to be an important motivation, as many Chinese are starting to revive centuries-old customs branded "feudalistic" or backwards and all but abandoned during the era of Mao Zedong.

    Standing outside the Luowei studio in a tuxedo and puffing on a cigarette, Beijing resident Gui Lu said he and his wife deliberately decided to marry early this month.

    "I don't believe in that stuff too much, but I can't say I don't believe at all," Gui said. "It's Chinese tradition. It's something we should uphold."

    I'm getting married October 2005.

    Dad's proposing a postponement to the next lunar year. I'm like, but me and Hubby aren't at all superstitious...and Dad's like, yeah...we're not certain we're gonna die, why do we still buy insurance? Okaaaay. What now?

    Views? Suggestions? :eh:

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    i am not really THAT supersititious but having said that, the oldies are going to nag and nag till i give in

    my plans?
    get married next yr in 2006
    afterall, it is better to be safe than to be sorry


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      It would be very difficult for me to postpone cuz my hubby and in-laws are dead set against it. Looks like my dad will be the only unhappy one if we proceed. Logically it makes no everyone who's married in the rooster year will either get widowed or have bad luck befall upon them? My own stand on this is...I don't believe in superstitions, but yeah, I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry.


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        Perhaps you can show your dad articles in today's Straits Times about this? Because even geomancers said that it's more important that the couple is ready, etc than following superstition.


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          How abt seeking an auspiscious date in Oct then? In this case your dad will also feel better abt it. Is this the Chinese customary or jus ROM?

          Was wondering if its ROM, does tt count as well?


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            I heard from the radio programe that 2005 is a bad yr for marriage. Its said to cause disputes/unhappiness etc for couples married in 2005 and lots of people are avoiding it.

            I was asking my SO that does it mean hotels are not going to see much banquets ard? hehe. He said maybe those 'accident' cases and those christians etc who dont believe in chinese calender for choosing auspicious date will get wed.

            .... I kind of believe that its better we should good dates for joyful events. Afterall, Feng shui also originated from China, and its now spreading to the West. Its so advance that modern science also cant explain it in scientific terms at the moment. But I think there shld at least be a good date for couples to get married in the whole 2005? :roll:


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              Yup... I agree with prettypanda. More important that the couple is ready... I mean, what if you really wait for 2006, then something unexpected happens in 2005 (what with the world going crazy with tsunamis and all) and you dun get to marry the guy u love (touch wood!). Isnt that worse?


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                If you really must posepone for parents sake do so. BUt any marriage that will last through this supersitition to still marry is strong enough you think?

                I dont know but i am going ahead - infact my SO & i cannot marry this year of the monkey - it will clash with us so my father in law says. only this year of the rooster is a good year & he chose dates for us already - auspitious dates with our birth dates as reference.

                In general the year might be bad but - everyone's not born on the same date what. Even the tiger ladies cannot go into the couple's bedroom & have her reflection in any mirror there is a silly taboo - suppose to said clash with the bride's chi. it depends on other factors too. Well i am born in the year of the tiger - on other lady tiger's reflection should be fiercer than mine! I am a fierce person by nature & i will be the bride!

                Well if your wedding is scheduled late 2005 why not just push it back abit - saves you one yr of giving ang paos too hey?


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                  I dunno...sometimes it's hard not to believe superstitions. As far as I'm aware of, Monkeys and Tigers clash pretty badly and it's quite true ***...2004 has been a horrible year for me, to say the least. My grandma got a stroke that rendered her a permanent parents nearly divorced...SO and me had frequent disputes (most of them pretty major ones at that)...workplace politics got completely out of hand...I nearly lost my job...a really close friend betrayed spare you guys of more, the list of bad luck goes on and on. Sheer coincidence? I'd be hardpressed not to believe.

                  I'm just glad to get the Monkey year out of my hair soon and in all honesty, I welcome the Rooster year with open arms. And then, Dad has to call to tell me to postpone my Chinese customary because the coming Lunar New Year is Widow Year. :Doh:

                  I'm super reluctant to postpone cuz the gap between my ROM and my customary would then be 3 whole years! And I really really really REALLY want to go for my honeymoon end of this year instead of NEXT year. It's been ages since I travelled outside of Asia...I'd just die if I had to wait any longer!

                  Me and my lousy luck. I swear I'm the proverbial suay kow (unlucky dog in Hokkien).


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                    Maybe you could have your honeymoon earlier rather than have it after the customary. Just my suggestions.


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                      don't despair, dispirited.
                      it will depend on how much you wish to accommodate your dad.

                      if i recall correctly, the geomancer interviewed in sunday times said he had selected auspicious dates for 300 couples holding their weddings in the rooster year.
                      perhaps you can discuss with your dad?

                      and he said that getting married in the 7th lunar is 200 times more unlucky than getting married in a "blind year".


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                        hi redroses,

                        Welcome to CozyCot!

                        i see you're new here. do pop over to CozyLounge and stick a post of your introduction yah?

                        See ya around


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                          I have intention to hold my customary on Jan 2006 but since it's only a few weeks away from rooster year so I decided to postpone it to a later date. Abit sad because I want to hold it on the same date as my ROM date but relieved too as I am also not prepared to go into this big 'project', got to do alot of research...

                          If you are supertitous, maybe you can visit a geomancer to check your 'ba zhi' to pick a good date. I do have friends who are going to get married this October, I think most importantly is how you both are going to maintain the marriage to make it last.


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                            Dilemma dilemma. If I decide to pick an auspicious date for my wedding, I risk pissing off my hubby. We've already booked a date with our restaurant. Honeymoon before wedding? Too anticlimax. Guess I've backed myself into a corner. Thanks for all your advice, guys.
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                              I'm having my customary wedding in Nov this yr. I've heard abt this roaster yr is no good for marriage thingie..but to maintain a good marriage is all up to the couple! U can get married on the best best yr for marriage n still end up in divorce

                              dispirited..I guess you should have a good discussion with your dad....does he believe more on the geomancer or u n ur SO?
                              As a father, I guess he also wans the best for u, thus believing in the myth that roaster yr is no good..but he also needs to have faith in u!
                              No one wans to get married to have the intention to end up in divorce! I believe if you n ur SO have the faith in marriage n urselves, ur marriage will be longlasting n blissful!!

                              Here's all the best wishes for all brides in the roaster yr