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Mild fabric detergent for sensitive hand

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  • Mild fabric detergent for sensitive hand

    Not sure of whether I should post this thread here or under Home & Hobby forum. Please move this thread to the correct forum if it is posted wrongly ya...TIA

    Bubbles & blisters will form on my fingers when I use fabric detergent like Dynamo as I have ultra sensitive skin . I hand wash certain clothes and therefore need a mild fabric detergent. Any recommendation?

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    I saw a Japanese brand detergent but I can't remember the name.

    It's specially for delicate clothes for I think it's milder than dynamo.


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      why not just wear the rubber gloves when doing laundry?

      saves your hands from exposure in the long run


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        I tried rubber gloves before but ended up with rashes near my arm area. Besides, I prefer to wash certain clothes (eg. those with fragile material like laces) without gloves as I need to handle them with care.

        I think I am hopeless......


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          How about Essence? There's one in green and pink bottle.


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            May I know where can I find Essence? How much is it selling for?


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              i think most supermarkets have. but usually the bottle not as big and colorful as normal detergent so you may not have noticed.

              or try baby laundry detergent if your problem is sensitive skin. also available at most supermarkets. they are definitely milder although if you are washing delicates essence is made for delicates.


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                Baby laundry detergent? Sounds good! Any specific brand? Are they displayed at the same section as those normal detergent? My new hope hehe......


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                  Lux soap flakes are supposedly the kindest to clothes and hands, because they do not contain detergent. I don't know if we get them here though.


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                    i use kodomo for my baby's clothes. but i find that the clothes tend to get a little stiff after the wash, so need to use softener (also kodomo brand). so if you are washing delicates that need to retain softness you will probably need the softener. HTH!