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  • Phobia(s)

    Phobia list

    Some interesting phobias...

    Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis

    Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth

    Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8

    Parthenophobia- Fear of virgins or young girls :huh:

    Tee hee.... what're your fears...?

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    wow! things i never heard of. really so

    anyway, i am afraid of SNAKES.


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      interesting.... but i fear of butterfly


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        i have fear for birds.... dunno what you guys call that? So embarrassing.....


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          Lele, I used to have a collaegue who is afraid of birds too. She would even freak out when she sees a feather!

          For me, I'm scared of caterpillars, butterflies and moths.


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            i m so darn scared of lizards, lizards n lizards....

            frogs too.....


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              my secondary school teacher is really afraid of birds. i think she once had a terrible ordeal with it that really freaked her out. she wouldn't say what happened.

              my phobia:
              - big, hairy spiders
              - caterpillars and worms.

              when i see the above in magazines or books i will freak out and quickly slam the book shut.


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                anything call the roachphobia??

                I ABOSLUTELY detest roaches. eeekkk!!! :puke:


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                  Originally posted by Pills
                  i m so darn scared of lizards, lizards n lizards....

                  frogs too.....
                  me too actually. i will detour to purposely "miss" those frogs in the kopitiams & eateries.

                  Toads?!??! *faint*

                  Lizards?!?!? *jump then scream, scream then jump again*


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                    i m so scared of lizards, toads, frogs, salimanders etc that even if u tell me it's a fake but the thingy looks like the real thing, i will have the same amt of fear!!!

                    i hate them 'coz they r so ugly!!!!


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                      And mine would be big black rat with long tails! I really do freak out when i do see one Okie, my phobia with rats not only restricted to big black ones, even small ones would freak me out but not as much as big ones would..

                      I remembered watching Fear Factor where the contestants gotta stucked their heads into a box of BIG BLACK rats, let them run all over and even nibbled on their face and ears! Totally grossed me out and their hands, gotta sort out rats in another box below according to their colors, black and white. My gosh, i almost died watching. lol. Was shrieking all the way!


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                        i have:

                        1. Acrophobia- Fear of heights / Altophobia- Fear of heights (same?) :huh:
                        2. i can't find fear of drowning though! i think this is the closest i could find: Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea

                        there's so many funny and weird fears? tsk tsk! like this:
                        > Xanthophobia- Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow
                        > Trichopathophobia or Trichophobia- Fear of hair (so one will have shave off all hairs?)
                        > Rhytiphobia- Fear of getting wrinkles (woman will experience this! )


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                          oh ya! i've fear of heights too!! practically all the females in my family do.. think these fears runs in the family yea? Its embarassing to fear birds i think. Got teased and laughed at numerous times. My biggest fear are crows, pigeons and hens!!! When i went to australia, there were so many pigeons over the place that i nearly cried.

                          My workplace has a temple with lots of chicks and hens. Every morning i run past the place as though i'm in a battlefield.


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                            *pat pat* dearie!

                            my friend is super scared of pigeons too! she'll like run and scream whenever one flies near her!

                            i think crows are gross! :puke: so big and black! haha!

                            as far as i know, me and my sister are the only ones in the family who have fear of heights! it's so bad for her that she refuses to cross the overhead bridge when she was young!


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                              My 2 biggest fears are:

                              *Butterflies, moths, and all insects actually!

                              *Sallowing pills. Yep I don't dare to swallow pills.
                              I heard hypnotization can help to rid of phobias. Anyone tried that before?