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    my recipe

    one chicken, washed & chopped
    fresh abalone, 5 to 6 pieces
    mushrooms, soaked
    fish maw, a few pieces, soaked
    sea cucumber, a few pieces, soaked
    water to cover the ingredients

    throw them into a double boiled container (usually porcelain)

    boil it over low fire, for about 3 hrs

    serve hot with rice


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      Care to share which brand taste better or you prefer to buy.

      My mum advises me to choose those that comes in 2 small pieces/can, she says it just taste more tender than those 1 1/2 large piece. Don't know how true but going to buy and try them this year.

      Oh, there's another recipe to share, though it may not appear new to some.

      Abalone L.oh Hei
      Slice abalone into thinly slices and go on top of your "Yu Sheng" for l.oh hei


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        For years, pil always buy Horse brand, the pink can. The abalone comes in one big piece. I've not tried other brands though.. coz that would mean buying it myself..

        I quite like the Horse brand abalone though. I overheard my hb's aunt saying that after eating the Horse brand abalone, other brands pale in comparison? :huh: I have no idea how true that statement is


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          I think Wheel brand still taste the best to me.

          It has a rich and sweet flavour that somehow make other brands pale in comparison.

          I don't really fancy the horse brand. My mum used to always buy a carton during CNY because of their buy-6-get-1-free, buy-12-get-2-free promotion. I find the meat too soft for my liking( not Q enough) and way too salty for my taste.

          Actually, i think cheaper alternatives like calms and abalone shoots taste too!


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            nicole, did u use a normal pot or just a slow cooker of some sort?


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              from a website " Abalone is a muscle, so it must be pounded to make it tender. Use a mallet to flatten the meat to a 1/8- to 1/4-inch thickness. "

              according to my ma, the abalone has to be soaked for a week and the water has to be changed...
              not sure whether it makes sense though

              personally, i will use gas cooker to boil it

              the corning ware is quite good for such purposes and double boil in a wok might help

              from another source (this is for preparing "buddha jumps over the wall")
              To prepare the abalone, the night before, wash the abalone, place in a pot with 3 quarts water, bring to a boil over medium heat, lower the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to rest in the liquid in the pot overnight. Place the abalone in a steamproof dish with the stock and wine and steam for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, until softened.

              steam the abalone?


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                Nic, I just asked my colleague, she mentioned some needs to be soak for 3 - 4 days before you brew them in the boiler. :wow:

                For those who wants to buy canned abalone, do get them from Albert Centre Food Centre/Market Level opposite Fu Lu Shuo Complex.

                I ended up with New Moon Australia canned abalone, 1 1/2 @ $48 much cheaper than NTUC Fairprice.

                When you buy abalone, do look for the net weight labelled as 425g, that's the standard.
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                  Abalone... Yummy!!

                  Wanna ask you girls for recommendations for canned abalone. There are so many brands out there in the market and was wondering if there's any significant differences in their abalones. The price can range from $40+ to $80+ ircc, so wont want to buy the brand that tastes the worst, if you know what i mean.


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                    I would like to know too.. since CNY is approaching... can get some for my parent...
                    pls recommend...



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                      Do not open the can, throw the whole can into a pot and boil it. Then after boiling it for 20 mins, open the can carefully, it is hot. Then eat it. Tender and nice.


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                        I love the wheel brand abalone.


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                          My family and mine favourite canned abalone is the brand Calmex! Pricey but only once a year for CNY, so can splurge a bit.


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                            where to get wheel brand abalone?


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                              where can i get cheaper New Moon Australia abalone?

                              what is wheel brand?

                              i thought the liquid in the can are not recommend to use in soup etc...
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                                This email sent to me by a friend. Warning about New Moon Abalone Broth being recalled...