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    Do you gals join these car sharing/renting companies before. I went and surf around and found NTUC car co sharing and Whizzcar. Both are pretty good ..
    Besides these, anyone can share where to share/rent the cheapest car around? Models eg. honda/nissan sunny/toyota etc manual/auto.
    Do you actually need to join as a member and pay a specific deposit everytime you share/rent a car from them?

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    I'm not sure whether this is cheap; I don't use car-sharing. You can check it out


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      i never try them b4 but at times they offer free registration & free trial (or some hours of free usage) at their roadshows. I do find such relevant pamplets in my letterbox too.

      Normally if u are located near one of their pick-up point, they will be more interested to "recruit" u.


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        My bf tried cityspeed before and I find it quite all right.

        It really depends on what is your criteria I guess. You may want to compare the different companies and see what suits you more.

        Best is to find a company which has the pickpoint near you so its easier for you to return the car.


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          Anyone can recommend if there's any car rental for P-platers? Just pass my TP 1 month ago and i'm eager to drive! haha.. pls tell us the rates? and hows their services like? Be it good or bad... thanks!


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            Originally posted by Niu Niu
            Anyone can recommend if there's any car rental for P-platers? Just pass my TP 1 month ago and i'm eager to drive! haha.. pls tell us the rates? and hows their services like? Be it good or bad... thanks!
            if you graduated from BBDC, you can consider this:

            What is CarAccess?

            CarAccess is a pilot carsharing project designed for new drivers who had just graduated from the Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC).

            CarAccess offers new drivers an affordable opportunity to improve their newly acquired car handling and road skills.

            Benefits of joining CarAccess

            Access to a car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a minimum use of 3 hours.

            Improve your new skills without the heavy investment in a personal car.

            Get a feel of the different car models before you decide what's the right car to buy.

            Convert to a Car Co-Op member* and access over 200 cars from 75 locations after 12 months upon clocking at least 100 hours.


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              thanks all! i've been to this website before, but it says minimum age is 23? Those below 23 cant join?


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                When i register at CitySpeed, they ask for either Credit Card or Giro. Hmm is it that safe to reveal? I have doubts.


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                  well when i first got my license i go for normal car rentals. chances of them renting to you is higher than car sharing. they might ask for couple of hundred bucks for security deposit first just to be on the safe side. NTUC and Whizzcar is quite strict on new drivers as far as i know. but when you go for "private" rental like those that they advert to you on yahoo! auctions be careful to check a couple of things. the road tax papers if it's deemed under personal / private car, it would be illegal for them to rent to you. the concern here would be, if you do have an accident, the insurance company can refuse to cover you since the owner of the private car lease it to you. this is also because for rental car, the insurance coverage premium is different i.e. more higher to cover a wider range of scope.

                  sometimes if during road block, the TP can detain you and the car owner will also get into trouble. That's why some of the "private car rental company" might tell you if you get asked by traffic police, just tell them your friend lent you the car. back then as a new driver i didn't know all these until another seasoned driver told me about it. so i wasn't really aware of all these risks i was taking when i was happily driving around on some weekends. thank goodness nothing happened during those times.

                  carsharing is definitely more convenient for me not to mention i don't really have to worry about breaking the laws but the downside is, you have to be meticulous to check the scratches and dents on the car before you drive out. sometimes if you do need the car last minute, you might find that all the cars are booked out. hmmm what else ... there's mileage counts on car sharing too so for longer distance, normal car rental works out cheaper. the good things about car sharing is, i don't have to wash it, petrol comes with the car (i.e. included in the price) and yes, do get to try different cars within the same location. i've been using whizzcar for 2 years already quite happy with them and they offer special car rental rates from the parent company (popular- rent-a-car) if you need it for like a number of days. if i didn't remember wrongly, rental rates for a manual car like ford is as low as 60 - 75 a day. no mileage restriction, just need to return the car with the same level of petrol as you draw it.

                  you can find the car sharing rates here .. oh yar wanted to add .. whizzcar also have partnership with NTUC CarCoop so you can book cars from both sides. only thing is you can't choose the model but they will allocate from within the category HTH!
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                    thanks for sharing kestrel! i'll try to find more abt it..


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                      Originally posted by Niu Niu
                      Anyone can recommend if there's any car rental for P-platers? Just pass my TP 1 month ago and i'm eager to drive! haha.. pls tell us the rates? and hows their services like? Be it good or bad... thanks!
                      When I got my licence in 2004, I did some 'research' and found Honda Diracc to be the most P-plate friendly car-sharing company. P-platers do not have to be a premium price to join, but I think the minimum age required is 23. You can go to their website to verify. Moreover, the cars (Honda Civic hybrids) are very new and smooth to drive. Only thing is the ports are all located in town, so it will be more convenient for those people working in town.

                      NTUC Co-op, must have 30 months of driving experience before can join, if I'm not wrong.

                      Cityspeed, I think P-platers have to pay $120 or $150 extra, if I remember correctly.

                      Never enquired with the rest before.


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                        I tried Cityspeed. Membership fees is $100 per annum. And I rented for 3 hours on a weekday, works out to be $39+.


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                          Car Pool

                          Hey girls, i tried searching for this thread but don't have anything on it.

                          Just wondering if anyone drives to work from yishun/khatib to raffles place area and wanna do carpool? I need to reach raffles by 830... but anytime between 8-830 is ok with me as well.

                          Do PM me, thanks!


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                            I have a girlfriend looking for carpool from Serangoon to Changi. Anyone interested to form a car pool?

                            I have formed a few car pool myself and it is really convenient. Door to Door service. In the end, the groups gets so big that we have to spilt into 2 van.


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                              i am looking for carpool from bishan to suntec city. please reply. thanks