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  • Cheated by new company

    Hi cotters,I'm not happy and like to share my sad story....
    I'm a Malaysian who worked in S'pore for almost 10 years.I resigned from my previous job recently to join a new company that was introduced by my ex-boss.I sacrificed by variable bonus just to join this new company because they need me to start work in early January.I signed the letter of appointment in early December and they promised to apply for my work permit.(Work permit is required for a foreigner to work in Singapore)
    I waited for almost 3 weeks but no reply from them.

    When i called the HR dept,they said its still under processing.Come to the day that i supposed to start work,they told me the work permit is being held up by MOM.
    One week later,they told me my permit was not approved.I ask them why,but they said no reason given by MOM.I called MOM the next day to check and to my suprise they said there is no application at all under my name!

    I'm angry and disappointed.How could they cheated on me?I lost my job and I need to start all over again!
    What can I do now?You think I can seek for legal advice?I can't afford for a lawyer.

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    that's vy
    could yr old & new boss in cahoots to cheat u? :roll:

    Are u still putting up in Spore & actively looking for another job?
    I hope yr family understands yr situation & gives u lots of support.


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      actually not to side with anyone, have u checked on the company why they have not put in an application for u?

      by signing the appointment letter, they have agreed to employ subject to conditions...

      if possible, ask to see the letter from MOM, which they should have if the application is rejected.

      also check whether u have any taxes in lieu or any other medical matters
      there should be medical reports as well right?

      if they cant produce the letter, probably they have no intention in employing u in the first place...

      good luck to finding another job!


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        Read your appointment letter carefully see if there's any indication/clause that says early termination by either party during probation period requires 1 month payment by the respective party?

        Going via MOM may take very long.. u can wait from morning to afternoon before you can see an officer and they might not be able to offer you any help. I accompanied a friend to MOM before when her company default paying her salary and CPF and all MOM can say is they try to arrange for the boss of the company to come down and mediate..guess what, its been over a year and my friend got zero $. cos the boss never go down to MOM for the mediation n mom cant do anything.

        Free legal advice:[list=1][*]I heard Fengshan Community Club has lawyers who volunteer and offer free legal advice.
        [*] The Hougang Town Council provides free legal advice for Hougang constituents who need assistance on legal matters. This service is available every first Tuesday of the month (except public holidays) from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm, on a walk-in basis only. A qualified lawyer will be present at the Town Council's office to advise constituents.

        For more on the Legal Advice service, please dial 62863533
        [*]FREE Legal Counseling By Qualified Lawyers Every 2nd Thursday of the Month 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. at Bt Timah Conference Centre Level 5 Bt Timah Shopping Centre

        Call tel. 4660293 for registration or visit http:\\ for more information

        [*] Association of women for action & research (AWARE) offers Legal advice (FREE) (by appointment) every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7.30pm-9.30pm.

        Blk 5 Dover Crescent
        Singapore 130005
        Telephone: 6779-7137


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          i somehow feel that your ex boss and the new company are in cahoots?
          do u still keep the letter of appointment?you can actually report to MOM about it.


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            but whatever that happened, you're lucky that you are not cheated out of your money.

            i can't give advice though, cos am still a fresh graduate.