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  • [beware][ online banner printing services

    I hope this can help not only mommies, but anyone who is interested in printing banners with this service provider.

    Shop Baby Toddler - Babykidworld Party Supplies Online Shop - Multiply Marketplace Singapore

    she is a scam!! I emailed her and ask her specifically whether she can help me print the banner for my baby girl's bday. A specific date was given to her and she confirm she can so i proceeded to transfer her the money. I specifically asked her twice and both times she said okay..

    So thereafter, i waited for her to print the banner and when she emailed me to inform me that i can collect the banner, she then told me to collect the banner from her asap (thursday afternoon she emailed me and expect me to collect that very night or the next day before 3pm!!) as she is leaving for overseas the next day. WTF? But i was kind enough and didn't want to make things difficult so i emailed her to make the necessary arrangement as i was tied down with work and could only collect on friday earliest (which previously arrangement was to collect on saturday).

    So after emailing her three times, then she responded with 2 short line telling me that to go down to her place to collect. I was already pretty pissed with her nonchalance but decide to give her the benefit of doubt that she was busy packing.

    So end up, on friday night, we went down to collect the poster. It was at 29 eastshore place and it was damn secluded. ***!! THe entire house was DARK!!!!! I decide to come again on saturday afternoon, tried ringing the bell but again there was nobody!!!! feeling pissed off i emailed her a short email to tell her i am outside and there was no one. After waiting for sometime, we decide to give it one last try and come again at night but again, the house is dark and empty.

    Damn pissed. A part of me feel like leaving her a written note to give her a piece of my mind but my taxi fare was increasing. i stay quite far from her and cabbing to and fro is COSTLY.. 30 each trip.

    So disappointing. She is really the worse person i have dealt with my entire life.