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Where to get nice candles and stands?

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  • Where to get nice candles and stands?

    Hi, I just moved into my new place... and cant wait to decorate the place. Am thinking of doing up the place with nice candle stands and candles.

    Does anyone know where to get nice and cheap ones? Thanks a millon!

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    Sadly, I dont know of places that sell decent candle stands in Singapore. I have been looking for one myself too. In fact, I went to ikea, barang barang and a lot of other lifestyle stores, but no good finds.

    You may want to consider online stores. But many are based in the States, so shipping costs may be quite substantial.


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      u can try the shops at the basement of park mall...or any shops at park mall...they tend to sell more quirky home decor pieces.Or try the flea market for vintage stands,and this shop at centrepoint..called erm,The ____ Attic sorry!i'm really bad at remembering names


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        oh, the shop is "eclectic attic". But do they sell stands and candles?


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          Scented Block Candles

          Hi ,

          Any one knws where to get nice looking scented block candles? Friend requested this for housewarming gift but cant seem to find nice ones around.


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            anyone know where i can get this kind of floating candles locally?
            i need one that can be lit for at least 6 hrs and non-fragranced.


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              brumeux, if i remember correctly, there is 1 shop at causeway point selling floating candles, hmm..... think it's on the 2nd floor, the shop next to causeway point. but don't know if the shop is still there....

              for candle stands, maybe can try shopping at lim's art and living, lifeshop


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                Originally posted by nctsy
                Hi ,

                Any one knws where to get nice looking scented block candles? Friend requested this for housewarming gift but cant seem to find nice ones around.
                there's some shops in IMM selling.... if i remember correctly it's on the 2nd floor


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                  hi girls,

                  reviving the thread.

                  can anyone tell me if there is a place which sells nice scented candles but cheap?

                  don't have to be the super good ones, i just want the candle on its own, no container or anything.

                  i want to buy about 8 candles, so it has to be cheap. the smell is fine as long as its generally pleasing, and it should be strong too.

                  basically, i just want cheap scented candles. not tealights tho.

                  does daiso have any?

                  please help!


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                    i think u can try ikea
                    i saw a lot at the tampines branch a couple of weeks back


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                      wow really? ok great thanks! i stay nearer to the alexandra one so maybe i'll check that one out instead


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               has nice handcrafted candles if you can overlook the high shipping costs.

                        there are candle shops at Tanglin Mall and the basement of Great World City too.


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                          really? at tanglin mall and great world? do you know the shop names?

                          cuz i found some nice ones at Marks and Spencers but its pretty ex at $14 a candle and i need like around 5 or 6.


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                            looking to re-vamp my bathroom with some nice candles stand and candles
                            Budget around $30+?
                            anyone here has any good recommendations?


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                              i bought one stand from The Body Shop. Quite nice, but haven't used. No lighter >.< And candles, bought cheap white ones from Watsons.