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  • Any IT expert here?

    Gals I really need your help! I am an IT idiot!

    I have this portable hard disk " CUTIE porket hard disk drive" that has been partitioned into two partitions. I have been storing important data into one of the partition.

    Today, all of a sudden, my PC cannot detect one of the partition! Neither can my laptop! I didn't drop/bang/wet the hard disk at all.

    Is there any way I can retrieve the information from the partition of the hard drive?

    :Doh: I should have backed up all my info!!! AHHHHH!!!!

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    not really an expert but this happened to my friend once. partitions may be lost due to viruses.

    there are data recovery programs available to recover partitions and even deleted files even from formatted hard disks.

    the program my friend used was

    it is quite expensive though, but you can download a free trial which allows you to browse and view the recoverable files (at least you will know whether or not the product will work) but the trial will not let you recover the files, only browse

    you can also search on the internet for programs to recover lost partitions.