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  • Ipad MINI

    IPad mini finally being launched..what do you guys think of it? Is there much point in buying one?

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    i would get it if it's 4g enabled... the current ipads are just too heavy IMO and too huge for reading..i am perfectly happy with my bb 9900 as my phone so i dont want and dun need another touch screen phone


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      I think you're right- it would be worthwhile if the Mini is 4g. I am also happy with the iPhone 5 i have now, so will have to wait and see! Ipad mini will be more practical than the larger iPad


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          Basically the only selling point of the ipad mini is its weight and small form factor which makes it good for reading and nothing else, in that case, the new kindle would definitely be a better choice in terms of ease of use, clarity of words, and availability of books. Dont forget that ibooks has not really gone international , so unless you have a huge database of books in pdf format ready at your disposal, kindle would be a better choice.


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            I probably won't use an ipad mini unless it's free! Cuz I'm more of an Android user anyway.. just came across this contest for an ipad mini! Looks quite easy to join and got other prizes to win also: Celebrate Christmas 2012 With OpenRice!


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              I saw the iPad mini selling at some hand phone shop, less than $490 for one. Still thinking whether I should get it or not as I already have my iPad. Though the mini is smaller and lighter to carry around and fit into my not so big bag.


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                Hey there, my hubby got me one for my birthday and I'm really loving it cos of its small and light size. I had second thoughts cos it didn't have retina function and I read alot on my ipad but its been great so far. You really would love the lightness and portability, the previous ones are really too heavy and bulky to carry around. Actually my second choice would be a Samsung... hope you decide soon!


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                  Win an iPad MINI!!!!!


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                    I couldnt decide which colour to buy. White or Black?


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                      I use this daily. I like it more than I thought I would. If you don't care about retina display then I suggest shopping for it. The display is awesome as it is! So I didn't care about not waiting for the up coming one. It is really the best size. I take it almost everywhere. Completely perfect for school.

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