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    I've noticed quite a number of cotters who's located in Australia... I'm gonna apply for PR there cos my SO has gone back to Sydney and I wan to be with him as soon as possible.

    I need some advice on which is the fastest way, using a migration agent or not, applying by partner method or skills (I do pass the point test), how long does it take to get approval?

    Would really appreciate it if anyone can help me!!!!

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    It really depends on your circumstances. If you pass the points test (I believe it's 120 points for independent skilled migrant currently) it's probably easier to just apply as an independent skilled migrant rather than using your de facto relationship (I'm assuming that you're not married yet). Reason being it will take much longer (I think 2 or 3 years?) for them to approve of your PR if you apply using your de facto relationship not to mention you'll have to do extra stuff like writing essays about how you met, going for interviews etc.

    As for how long it takes for an application to get approved, it depends. I got mine in about 4 months but it can be faster/longer than that. Why don't you consult a migration agent? The cost is worth it as he/she will be able to explain everything to you and make sure your application and everything else is in order.


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      hi babyflite,

      Thanks for your quick reply. Did u apply for yours through skilled migration? If I do that, I'd have to write 3 essays for my skill assessment (engineering)! That's why I thought it would be easier applying by de facto relationship.


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        Yes I did. But I got my degrees in Australia hence it was easier for me coz I only needed to send my transcript and degree cert to the assessment body in order to get my skill assessment. You could apply using your de facto relationship, but like I said they will only approve of your PR after 2 years coz they want to observe and make sure that you're not trying to pretend to be in a de facto just to get your PR.


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          Hmmm...2-3 years is really long! I really don't want to be strandled in a long distance relationship for so long...would they give me a temporary visa to stay in Oz? I wouldn't mind that!


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            I think they would give you a temp visa in the meantime to stay in Australia and possibly work. But I'm not very sure of the details really, sorry.


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              i believe the easiest is to find employment in australia and get the company to apply the work visa for you? from there, you can slowly process your PR application. but of course, that's easier said than done. gaining employment without being an Australian citizen or having your PR status is tough, unless you have some form of advantage over the locals. correct me if i'm wrong. my info is about 5 years backdated.

              and yes, it'll take about 2 years to prove that you guys are in de facto relationship. you've to show billing statements that show that you guys have been staying together for at least 2 years, amongst other things. my friend and her bf are applying through this method and she said it's a real headache having to compile the paperwork.

              speak to a migration agent. he/she will be able to sort out most of the things for you at a cost.

              all the best!


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                Thanks Mich..

                Sighh..I thought of finding a job in Oz too, but all the positions available asked that only Australians or PRs can apply. I figured I HAVE to be a PR before anyone will employ me. Australians seem to be very protective of their people regarding employment, that's why you hardly see any foreign workers there?

                Is you friend and bf in Singapore or Oz right now?


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                  There is no one way that will be really fast.

                  If I remember correctly, the entire process for a skilled migration visa takes up to one year for it to be finally approved. I am not sure how long exactly, have to check with my dh.

                  Though like the others have advised it is best to consult a migration agent, if you're really seriously considering going over.


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                    turtle if you want speed, look for a agent to help you with the migration procedure. It beats you being clueless and wondering what to do.
                    My hubby did just that. It's really easy cos the agent will do all the processing for you and you mostly just need to find the relevant documents to send to him.

                    Chances of securing a job down under is higher if you have a PR. Even then, it's better to be there for the job search then search through it online.


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                      applying for PR under partner category takes about 2 yrs to complete - 3 stages to fulfil

             -> this might be good for u to have a look

                      if your SO is applying under skilled category, you are best to go as a dependent

                      personally, i was sponsored by my company to work
                      they applied for a work visa for me and also handled the PR application for me
                      however the process is very tedious

                      note: having a PR in aust does not guarantee you a job, as a matter of fact, it is wise to have a certain no. of years of experience as well

                      as the application is likely to be offshore, it is best to let a migration agent handle everything
                      he/she will be at a best position to advise u on what to do


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                        hi turtle,

                        i've some friends in Perth right now. the whole bunch of us studied there some years ago. i've also thought of getting my PR at that time but it was hard finding employment due to "foreign" status. but my friend was lucky. she managed to find a job and the company applied the work visa for her. she has since managed to secure her PR and her bf is applying under partner category.

                        i would love to be able to go there to work some day since my parents will be there for the next 3 years(hopefully).

                        have you spoken to a migration agent yet? once again, all the best.


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                          michannat i studied in Perth too!
                          When were you there?


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                            Hi Hi! thanks for all your replies! My SO is Australian, I'm hoping that makes things slightly easier. I've read through the migration booklet countless times. I think the next thing to do is contact an agent. Any recommendations are very welcome!

                            Thank you once again. I'll be the happiest girl when I can finally settle down with my SO.


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                              One agent quoted me AUD5000 for professional fees, another one 4000, and another says it range from 1000 to 10000. Why so much?!?!?!?!? They all say it's very tedious and I need lotsa lotsa evidence to support my application. I'm so discouraged...