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  • eShopUSA

    I came across this in my parenting list:

    From the website:

    What eShopUSA Does


    Re-Direct Service

    We provide an address to receive your shipment in the US from your merchant. Then we repack your purchases and fill in your customs declaration form to re-ship the package back to your desired address in Singapore. You may want to accumulate your shipments to save on postage costs. We could hold on to your purchases for up to 1 month from the time your 1st package arrives. You bear the cost of postage. All we charge is a nominal handling fee of US$2.50 for each item sent.

    Purchase & Pay Service

    If you provide us with the website address and the details of the items you want to purchase, we would log on to the website and purchase the items on your behalf. We shall make the payments on your behalf which means a use of our credit facilities. As you fund transfer into our Singapore account, it also means we take care of your foreign exchange, you do not need to worry about the high TT charges per transaction. Now that is a plus point for you! You just tell us what you want, and we do the shopping for you! Again, all we charge is a nominal handling fee, which is a mere 5% of your total purchase, subject to a minimum charge of US$2.50.

    Cheque & Money Order Service

    Give us the name and address of the seller (beneficiary) and we will issue a cheque/purchase a money order and mail it out to him. The postage and cost of money orders are borne by you. All we charge is a mere 5% of the amount issued, subject to a minumum charge of US$2.50.

    The rates seem very reasonable!

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    Hey that's great! Thanks for posting that Mag.


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      That means, per item we pay USD 2.50 for them to repost to us in Singapore and when we pay them, we still have to pay 5% of the total price??

      Stila Mod #1
      Stila Mod #2
      Stila Mod #3
      Total is USD 35 x 3 = USD 105 + USD 7.50(for 3 items)
      Grand Total: USD 112.5

      Not inclusive of shipping and taxes for delivering (US-US-SG)

      Assume USD 10 for shipping and taxes, so total will be: USD 122.50

      After conversion of USD-SGD, is SGD 213.18 so after adding in 5% for their handling fees the total is SGD 223.84

      Is that correct :huh:


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        cool! thanks mag! i remember there used to be a website that provided a similar service but unfortunately it closed down.


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          Cut & pasted off their site:

          Re-Direct Service

          Shipping within the US is not that expensive really so it is worth the while. What's more, some online shops give free shipping for purchases above a certain value.

          You may also like to use it for online auctions like Yahoo auctions and eBay auctions and have them ship it to the re-direct address.

          Let me give you a scenario to help you understand the Re-Direct Service better.

          Let's say I browse on Babygap and saw 5 pcs of clothings I like. I order online and use the US redirect address to have the online shop send to it. Then when the parcel reaches the redirect address, the person repacks for you and resends it to your address.

          The charges in US$ would be hypothetically,
          $ 60 ( cost of 5 items ) + $3 ( postal fee to redirect addy ) you pay this to the shop or auction
          + S10 ( postal charge to your home ) + $9 (handling fee ) you pay this to eShopUSA
          = $82 grand total.

          Handling fee is charged at $ 2.50 for 1st item, $2 for 2nd item and $1.50 thereafter for each subsequent item. So in this case 5 items will have the handling fee = $2.50 + 2 + 1.50 + 1.50 + 1.50 = $9

          To pay, please fund transfer SGD 100 to DBS Acct 027-7-044406 .We will fund transfer the balance back to you once your items are sent out. Do pay once you have placed the order so that we can re-ship your items out once we received them. (we only re-ship on payment)


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            What about the 5% for the Purchase and Pay Service??


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              Err ... perhaps you might want to look around the website. You might get more info there.


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                Sorry Just did Thanks Stella! Hoping to get more Fredderic Fekkai

                But why do they make you pay excess SGD 100 + Estimated Cost of products?? :huh:


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                  wow this is good news for us


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                    Sorry, just to answer myself: SGD100 is an excess shipping charges from US to SG


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                      Originally posted by starrypixie
                      wow this is good news for us
                      Yup, make them a partner of CC and we shall never worry for anymore CPs


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                        Way cool This means trouble for the wallet though. Thanks Mag for sharing!


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                          err girls, maybe i'm slow :huh: is it cheaper this way... ??


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                            Only for more expensive items and when you cant get it any other way.


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                              okay thanks teiko