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    Post your favorite paintings or anything about your favorite painters!

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    Camouflage Art

    I recently came across this Californian painter Bev Doolittle's works. They are amazing! Here are afew of my favorites so far.


    In "Pintos" the magic began to happen. Suddenly my mind was crowded with experiments I wanted to make, patterns I wanted to play with, stories I wanted to tell. -- Bev Doolittle

    The Forest Has Eyes

    "I want the view to share the emotions of the rider, and--as he does, because his life depends on it--'read' the story in the leaves, branches, water, and stone that surround him."
    -- Bev Doolittle

    Woodland Encounter

    " Woodland Encounter, painted well along in my career, is a deliberate study in camouflage by misdirection, which grew out of my effort to break all the normal 'rules of compostion.'The bright-colored fox, deadcenter, distracts the eye from whatever is going on in the busy snowscape surrounding him. And the richness of design--a wonderful, natural part of the trees themselves-- also gave me the opportunity to play games with the traditionally accepted uses of space that govern a well conceived piece of art..."." -- Bev Doolittle

    Two Indian Horses

    It's fall, 1875. A regiment of the Second Cavalry takes a short reconnaissance ride from Fort Ellis, Montana. The soldiers have stopped to rest the horses and themselves before the onset of winter . As a rule, most people view things from left to right... it's a habit from reading. So, by camouflaging the two Blackfeet Indians, it is my hope that the viewer will pass over the Indians on the extreme left of the painting, continue on down the row of horses to the soldier walking off the extreme right end of the painting. Having most of the horses turned and looking off to the right helps to subtly force the viewer's eye to the right and away from the "discovery" of the Indians. Discovering the Indians last rather than first helps to make the story more believable and lots more fun. These Blackfeet Indians are about to be two horses richer, hence the title, "Two Indian Horses." - Bev Doolittle


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      I used to learnt water colour painting from Mr. Jehan Chan when I was a lot younger.

      I particularly like his carps paintings and his creativity using crinckle rice paper to produce water/wave-like motion in some of his scenics paintings.


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        Sleep '37
        ?? According to Dal??, the act of sleeping was a sort of monster sustained by the crutches of reality.

        The burning giraffe '36 - '37
        ?? Two ideas are connected; the Spanish civil war and his illustration of Freud??s discovery, using secret drawers that only psychoanalysis is capable to open.

        The Persistence of Memory '31
        ?? Here Dal?? introduces his melted watches. He said that they are nothing else, but the Camembert cheese of space and time; tender, outlandish, solitary and critical-paranoiac. In this self-portrait, a Dali similar to which appears in ??The Great Masturbator?? (1929), is at rest and with his tongue outside. Besides the insects, he is alone in a desolate and warm landscape. In these conditions, the perception of time and space and the behavior of the memories, acquire soft forms that adjust themselves to the circumstances. Twenty years later in ??The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory?? (1952), Dali broke these images incorporating knowledge of the consequences of the destructive use of atomic energy.


        Okie, above are some of the works of my fave brilliant painter or artist or creator, the late Salvador Dali, unfortunately he has gone to heaven in '89 at age of 85. i love his paintings always leave so much space for imagination.


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          Thanks for sharing, GG. I like the Melaka and Scenic ones. The Carps look like they weren't painted with water colours.


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            I like When the Wind had Wings too. These would be great conversational pieces for sure.

            This creeps me out.

            <img src="">

            I just found out Doolittle makes porcelain boxes too. I so want one!

            <img src="">


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              Everything About Painting

              Do anyone do painting? i normally do simple folk art painting...paint letter racks , bird house, coasters, key racks.i'm looking for animal shapes to paint ...which comes in wood form of an animal shape and i can paint something like welcome.... but can't find any of these wood pieces so far.


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                Not too sure what you're referring to, if you mean wooden letter blocks and such, you can find some of those small wooden blocks at spotligh. HTH


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                  i know about that topaz, thanks anyway.


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                    Hi hi sorry to dig up this thread. i need to know if any1 here does oil painting?

                    i got a problem with mine and hope some1 here knows what to do
                    my oil paintings of 1 to 2 years old have white dots on them have tried to clean it with water but it doesnt help. the dots kinda pop up abit. what is it???



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                      i am looking for paintings to hang at new love nest.
                      I like the ones at Ode to Art in Raffles City as well as Evershine Gallery at TPY..but they are too expensive..
                      got any cheaper recomendations?


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                        I love Rafal Olbinski's artwork.

                        Rafal Olbinski is a surrealism artist. He wants to show us that our imagination is a magical world which we are recreating forever. He draws us into a different universe, and forces us to use our eyes to participate in a marvelous world which is the true dimension of dream.


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                          i love vincent van gogh's painting style... his bold brush strokes and everything..
                          my favourite piece:
                          starry night


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                            Vel I love Dali as well and the Burning GIraffe is one of my favourite pieces of all time.

                            Van Gogh is also very much well loved and Starry Night is one hell of a beautiful piece.

                            Other artists I adore are Georgia O'Keefe, Escher, Bottecelli, Mucha, Amano Yamaguchi and Dave Mckean.

                            The last 2 more graphic/comic artists than the rest.


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                              Originally posted by domesticatedme
                              i love vincent van gogh's painting style... his bold brush strokes and everything..
                              my favourite piece:
                              starry night
                              That's my all-time favourite painting too! So much so that I insisted on buying a replica back from Holland despite the weight, bulkiness...

                              I love Renoir's paintings too. And still trying to finish a cross stitch piece of his Two Girls at the Piano.
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