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  • Best and Worst Features!

    Hi babes,

    Name your best and worst features!
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    Best: Eyes? Actually none... but its the best of the worst
    Worst: Loads.... my flat flat nose, witch's chin, strong square jawline, small short face, hairy body, short fat legs, flabby arms, small belly pot, small small butt,........ oh boy do i look hideous!


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      Best: Height
      Worst: My tiny breasts.


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        hahaha i was amused by this thread! girls are girls...

        Here's mine!

        Best feature: Hmm this is a hard one haha! Let me has got to be nose and my thigh...

        Worst feature: HEIGHT! Yes Yes tiny breasts. HAHAHA


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          Worst: My skin!! that's why me need good coverage products. My bulging tummy!! need i say more??

          Best: My eyes and my lashes.


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            Best: lashes

            Worst: skin and flat behind, oh flat face and head too


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              Best: Eyes (that's the best of the worst)

              Worst: OMG! There's so many. Let's see... tiny breasts, frizzled hair, bulging tummy. huge thighs, big waist, big but flat arse, height, hideous natural eyebrows (it's thick and short), double eye-lid eyes that look like single eye-lid...


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                Best: Skin. Not that it is THAT good, but at least it doesn't give me problems. And maybe boobies (after pregnancy). lol.

                Worst: Tummy! And my broad feet.


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                  Best: Skin

                  Worst: Temper - I have serious authority issues. I mean serious ...

                  Physically I'm not perfect, but if I want to get nitpicky I'd be dissatisfied with everything. So I've learnt to let go. I can either go do something about it e.g. strict nutrition/workout regime and plastic surgery and still lament I'm dissatisfied or just learn to live with it. You can't change who you are. I'm healthy and not handicapped. That's what's most important.


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                    Best: lips and skin (body)

                    Worst:gosh, tons, i suppose eyes, toes, arms, skin(face)..list can be endless!


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                      Best: Difficult one - I'm thankful for everything that I have!

                      Worst: Definitely my eyesight, at 900 degrees! It has made me miserable and worried for so long.


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                        Best-my frame, can eat and not put on weight

                        Worst-bad complexion and panda eyes. my boobs(or lack of it)


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                          Best Feature - Got to be my complexion and nose!!

                          Worst - Big Bums, fat tummy, being short and my small eyes!!


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                            best: eyebrows

                            worst: my TINY breasts... (even growing teenagers can beat me without sweat when Im buying my bras...)


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                              Best: my smile, height

                              Worst: wavy, unmanagable hair..., small eyes, too many moles on my face, tummy...